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I just wanted to thank you for this article! I have struggled with these verses for many many years and just recently been able to see them more clearly and now cover my head. It is a very taboo issue in our independent Bible believing Baptist churches and Im not sure why. Anyway, during my study of this subject a mere look at history will reveal that women have always covered their heads in some way, even in our own American Culture, up until the 1920's when the feminists invaded our culture and changed everything. I shared with my husband recently who was raised to believe that "the hair" is our covering, what a privilege...what an honor it was to the men when Paul wrote to them that for the first time in their lives they could remove their covering!!! Their new "head/Covering" is Christ!!! Praise the Lord! We can now come boldly to the throne of Grace!!! But for us women our "head" is still a fleshly human being(our husband) so we must continue to cover our heads to show our place. Also what God showed me during this journey of mine was that our glory is our hair so wouldn't it just make sense "to be shamefaced, humble,etc" to cover our glory when we come before the Lord in prayer. Its a humbling thing to cover your glory! I just felt like I should share what the Lord has showed me. I pray that more ladies would embrace the scriptures and dare to be as feminine and modest as we once were for our Lord!

Author: Unknown


All your stories on the muslim way are all true, i hear people talk about how nice the muslim are, well let me tell you that they will turn on you so fast! i have been in Indonesia for 10 years, an have seen it all! i can tell u stories that you would not belive, so for you people that HAVE not lived with them better that you just shut up. oh yea remember when the muslims took target practice on those 5,000 year old budda statues... there was not a a word about that.



Thank you for writing the truth about Daniel 9. Christians who believe in the futurist interpretation (7-year tribulation, antichrist, literal rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, etc.) are setting up themselves and the rest of the world for a major deception...May God bless you as you continue to witness the truth.



What a beautiful message this is. If trully we can have faith and be obedient to God our lives would be much better. I have learnt a lot and I am encouraged. By faith I know God will bring my walls down.




I am new to your site. I really like it. Thanks for helping other Christians to grow in understanding of the Word of God. Do you have any articles about Landmark Baptist Churches? I would like to know if their view in Baptism and the Church doctrines are according to the Bible.

God bless you



I appreciate your article, it was well done. My family and I came to the conclusion that the passages in I Cor. 11 were talking about a literal, external (separate from long hair,) head covering to be worn today. It is my prayer that the many brethren who do not see this truth will look again and remove their blinders and accept what God has to say for the sisters to cover. We have a discussion board originally called Head Covering Baptists, but is labeled (on site) as Pilgrim Believers.






GREAT site. I really liked the one article that I read. I will be back for more soon. Your site was easy to navigate and responded quickly. Good luck and God bless..





Your site is impressive. The most important issue is that you are honest straight forward and present your values well. God bless hope lots and lots of people come to your site. We all need exactly what you are offering.





Don't agree with your beliefs in many issues but admire your way of putting your point across , a very well thought out site. Loads of relevant images . Well written argument .





First off as a licensed and ordained Minister, I want to commend you on the stand you take with your beliefs and convictions, Your blog deals with all aspects of Christianity. Very good and thorough with your research, well organized, and site downloads fast and efficiently. Keep up the faith and the good work. May you be successful with your site and your faith..





Though we are from different faith, but I believe it is important to hold on to our belief and have faith in God, then only will we understand the meaning of life to really appreciate it as a gift from God.






Great site and full of great articles. It is nice to read up on things that challenge us as Christians everyday and having answers for these issues. Thank You for this site..





 While I haven't read all of the information on the page.... the stuff looks good. it is definitely a place I will come back to for some research.






This site is full of information for Christians or for those wanting to learn about Christianity. There are many articles, news items and letters to read through. They are well organized and easy to find in the navigation chart. The site is clean and simple with the focus being on the excellent content. They are unapologetic in their beliefs. Excellent site.





Proclaiming all of God's Word, also contending for the faith, and informs you about news items and world events.



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