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The Da Vinci Code

Biblical or Myth?


First we seen a lot of hype from the media about the "Harry Potter" books, even a lot of parents were excited about the release of these books because it drew their child's interest in reading. Then the Harry Potter movies came out enhancing the hype even more. The occultists love it as it portrayed witchcraft in a positive light. Next it was the "Passion of Christ". A movie praised by the mass mainstream so-called Christian media. Now here comes along "The Da Vinci Code". It has sold over 41 million copies, translated into 145 different languages, ABC did a hour long special on the book. It was a best seller on the NY times list for two years. And of course there was a movie produced which grossed 229 million worldwide on the opening weekend, making it the first largest money maker of 2006. Although it's critic acclaim is nothing like Harry Potter or the Passion of Christ. The book was hyped as fast action pace, but the movie turned out to be nowhere near as good according to secular critics.


The movie has brought deceptions of displaying itself as creditable account of the history of Christianity as well as people who are unsaved and a few who are saved scratching their heads in confusion on how they came up with such claims about Christianity. One of the claims comes from the fourth century. Here it's claimed that Emperor Constantine had some “gospels” kept out of the Bible. But this claim is untrue, in fact, Constantine had nothing to do with the contents of the New Testament at all. The canon of the New Testament was already in place before Constantine came into power. And not only that, but Constantine was not a believer, he still continue to be involved in Baal worship while claiming to be a 'Christian'.
The anti-Christian gospel of "Thomas" was heavily used in the book as well as the movie. It has such passages as; “The one who is acquainted with father and mother will be called the son of a prostitute.”

“For each woman who will make herself male will enter the kingdom of heaven.”
As a result of such as source of heresy we find the movie displaying Christ as an ordinary man who was not divine, did not die for the sins of His people, and was not resurrected. Instead, he married Mary Magdalene and had at least one child. More confusion in the “The Da Vinci Code,” as there is a claim of an ancient secret society called the Priory of Sion that preserved information about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their descendents. However, the Priory of Sion that is portrayed in the book is a hoax. As we will see, it never existed. It was a combination of faked history and forged documents.There have been three Priories of Sion. The first one (from about 1100 to 1617) was legitimate. It was a group of Catholic monks who honored the Virgin Mary under the title of Our Lady of Zion. (In French, “Zion” is spelled “Sion.”) That was traditional Catholic devotion to the Virgin Mary, by real monks, in a real priory. (A priory is a kind of monastary.) Then, in the 20th century, there were two Priories of Sion that were both created by Pierre Plantard, a Frenchman who lived from 1920 to 2000. Plantard was convicted of fraud and embezzlement in 1953. His first Priory of Sion began in 1956. It was a social club with a journal. It only lasted a year.

Plantard’s second Priory of Sion is the important one, in terms of conspiracy theory and “The Da Vinci Code.” It was an elaborate hoax. He began fabricating it in the early 1960s. He faked its existence and he tried to make it appear to be ancient. (As we will see, Plantard later testified that it was a fraud.) Plantard was an occultist. He admired Hitler. He was influenced by a pro-Nazi man named Evola who believed that mankind should be ruled by a “government of the spiritual elite.” Plantard’s fraudulent Priory of Sion is supposedly an ancient secret society that preserved records of the bloodline of the supposed descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. (Plantard claimed to be one of those descendants.) Yet as we know, it was all a hoax!
 On the cover of “The Da Vinci Code” it says (in small print) that it is a novel. However, the book itself claims that its assertions are “facts” that are accepted by historians and scholars. When Dan Brown was interviewed by ABC television, he said that the information in the book is accurate. In an interview with Borders, Dan Brown said that all of the history portrayed in “The Da Vinci Code” is accurate. Countless Internet sites have quotes from the book and treat the historical and religious statements as being accurate.

In Conclusion

The truth of the matter is, the book and the movie are lies. It's an attempt to attack Christ and Christianity in general. Young people as well as older people who are unsaved will be deceived, confused, and perhaps even question the authority of the Bible on it's own. Hollywood is playing tricks with the Christian community and is making a lot of money as a result. Tom Hanks defends this movie calling it misunderstood, but he has a lot to gain by the success of this movie, and he is not a Christian. People should not go see this movie as well as others like it. Even movies which are praised by so-called conservatives like the Passion of Christ. These movies are way beyond the decent entertainment realm, and more or less into the deception realm.


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