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The UFO Movement


 Unraveling the history of the UFO movement, and discussing the possibility or impossibility of a spacecraft traveling at the speed of light.



The most common shape of a UFO is always a disk, colors and lights may vary.


A Gallop Poll in 1947, said most Americans didn't believe UFOs were Alien in origin but rather had an earthly and reasonable explanation on what people actually observed.

Today NASA a government agency sponsors a University course (Interstellar Message Composition) which attempts to shows students how to communicate with Aliens.


As most of us know, UFO is short for "Unidentified Flying Object" and is often times connected with advanced and more evolved (intelligent) alien beings. NASA has spent billions of taxpayers dollars in search for life on other planets. The agency got a big boost from President Bush when he announced that he is going to increase their program even more in order for man to make a trip to the moon then a trip to the planet Mars.  Mars of course has been a focus for alien life for a considerable amount of years. NASA has received billions of dollars for exploring the planet for possible signs of life forms. However, as of May 30, 2008 even after the spacecraft "Phoenix" had landed and had begun it's digging expedition, it was reported that Mars is way too salty for life forms. Data collected by the rover "Opportunity" and by an orbiting spacecraft indicates the water was a "thick brine" making it impossible for supporting life. However, the new report hasn't diminished the hype about the "Phoenix" and it's mission to find life. 



Darwinism, Science Fiction Writers, Paganism, and the Media Have influenced the Modern UFO Movement


HG Wells who's science fiction helped start the modern UFO movement

H.G Wells


H.G. Wells one of the pioneer writers of science fiction and one of the reasons why NASA is still looking for life on Mars. H.G. Wells was a humanist, historian, a socialist, and a "futurist" as many would describe him.  Wells believed in alien life forms more advanced than humans through the theory of Darwinism.  He wrote a book which had reflected his beliefs, and has become very famous many times over with various types on impacts on the public through the years. This book of course is called; "War of the Worlds" which was published in 1898.   H.G. Wells was born on September 21, 1866 in Bromley, Kent County, England, son of Sarah Neal, maid to the upper classes, and Joseph Wells, shopkeeper and professional cricket player.


The Wells family were poor and it was not the happiest of marriages; as they eventually separated but neither re-married. In 1883 H.G Wells  won a scholarship to the Normal School of Science in London. Here is where Wells was taught biology and Darwinism under Thomas Henry Huxley's grandfather. Wells wasn't the greatest student of science, he was unable to complete his studies for his degree and lost his scholarship. Faced with hardship, his Aunt and Uncle took him in and enhanced his education by teaching him themselves. H.G. Wells had a love for writing fictional stories about the future, he wrote a number of books in 1895, which included the "The Time Machine" and "The Wonderful Visit." Also in 1897, a year before "World of the Worlds" came out he wrote a book called; "The Invisible Man."



The Media's First Major Impact on the UFO Movement


Nine years prior to the Gallop poll in 1947, the world witness the power of the media. On October 30, 1938 a radio transmission telling a fictional story about aliens coming from Mars to take over the planet earth. The three headed creatures were advanced, their weapons were too as it was able to destroyed 7,000 armed troops with a ray gun on their vessel. Many buildings were destroyed by these creatures.  After listening to this transmission, people panicked. Many took up arms to defend themselves against the attack. There were many calls to the police for help against these aliens. Even the National Guard was mobilized to defend the country from the alien attack.  As it turned out, it was nothing more than a mere UFO hoax. War of the Worlds by Orson Wells made millions of dollars and perhaps helped sparked the UFO movement into the mainstream worldwide some many years later. But the hoax didn't stop in America, later on it was played in other parts of the world with  similar results from the public. The hoax was very well timed as the world was on the brink of war with the Nazis and Japan.


Isaac Asimov


Born on January 2, 1920 to Jewish parents. He become a biochemist and science fiction writer who rejected his parents religion and became a humanist. He was president of American Humanist Association until the year He died which was in 1992. Isaac Asimov's first published work was when he was 18 in 1939. The story was called; "Marooned Off Vesta" where three men who survive the wreck of the spaceship in a Asteroid Belt and find themselves trapped in orbit around the asteroid Vesta.  The story ended with three men managing to save themselves with little resources. In 1950, Isaac Asimov wrote a story called; "I Robot" which later became a Hollywood hit movie in 2004 as it grossed millions of dollars. Although it wasn't quite the vision Asimov wanted but a lot of his ideas were incorporated into the movie. Another story called; "The Bicentennial Man" which wasn't quite the hit "I Robot" was but still made plenty of money.


Arthur C. Clarke


Best known for 2001, Space Odyssey. Arthur C. Clarke was born in the seaside town of Minehead, Somerset, England on December 16, 1917. In 1936, he moved to London where he joined the "British Interplanetary Society" where he started writing about science fiction and radio transmissions to so-called aliens. In 1945, Clarke wrote about principles for satellite communications called; "Extra Terrestrial Relays". His principles brought much attention to him as later on in life he received many awards for his work. In 1948, he received first class honors in Physics and Mathematics at the King's College, London.  He married Marilyn Mayfield in 1953. They divorce shortly after and later Clarke said he wasn't the marrying type but believed everyone should try it once.  In 1954, Clarke wrote to Dr Harry Wexler, then chief of the Scientific Services Division, U.S. Weather Bureau. This was the start of using satellites for weather forecasting. In 1964, he worked with a Hollywood script writer and 2001, Space Odyssey was born. In 1985, Clarke wrote a follow-up to the movie called; : 2010: Odyssey Two which later became another movie.


   Carl Sagan


Born on November 9, 1934 Sagan who was a humanist received doctorates in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Chicago in 1960. Sagan was very heavy into evolution as it was connected to anthropology. He influenced NASA with the Pioneer missions, the Viking mission, and later on the Voyager missions. He wrote and co-wrote numerous books one of which is called; "Comos" which later became a popular tv-series which Sagan hosted himself.  He began searching for other life forms besides humans in the 1950s.  Sagan also won various awards including the Pulitzer Prize. He founded the The Planetary Society which has over 100,000 members strong.  In 1996, he died of a bone marrow disease. Sagan's influence for searching for alien life forms from other planets like the previous science fiction writers before him was enormous.


From Extreme to Now Mainstream


What once was an extreme viewpoint to believe in UFOs as being alien is now mainstream. Jimmy Carter was the first President to admit he now only believed in UFOs but he said he personally saw one himself. In 1976, he told reporters this; "It was the darndest thing I've ever seen. It was big, it was very bright, it changed colors and it was about the size of the moon.. We watched it for ten minutes, but none of us could figure out what it was. One thing's for sure, I'll never make fun of people who say they've seen unidentified objects in the sky. If I become President, I'll make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public and the scientists."


For about 10-12 minutes in October 1969, and the place where the alleged UFO appeared to the former President was in Leary, Georgia. Carter's testimony which would have been considered "extreme" had no affect on him getting elected to the Oval Office.  However, the UFO movement was disappointed by the results of Carter's promises which was to reveal "every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings." Hardcore UFO believers came to the conclusion he was convinced by the government to be part of the problem of a cover-up rather than be part of their solution. 

Looking at what God has Created: A Vast Universe


  All of the science fiction writers who have influenced NASA with the help of Hollywood movies  have one thing in common. And that is, they are all loyal and dedicated Humanists who have some beliefs in paganism. It's an odd combination, but we will see later on when it comes to UFO abductions which will reveal more of the two elements of their respected belief system intermixing with each other.


Now many problems have come up since Darwin's death such as "Creation Science" and the complexity of "DNA" which has some evolutionists shaking their head.  This is because life is suppose to come out dead chemicals, to living simple cells that evolved into more complex cells. These dead chemicals have no origin or explanation on how the raw material was created in the first place. Yet, they are still confident in what they believe in. Some know evolution is impossible but do not want to believe that God created all things as the Scriptures state;


Genesis 1:1


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth...


Humanists who reject pagan gods for creating the universe or God himself but know evolution could not process itself rely on the belief that aliens created man out of various highly advanced methods one of which is out of DNA. The UFO cult known as Raelians are a typical example of those who believe there was an intelligent creator but it wasn't God.


When one looks up into the deeps of outer space there are many important factors UFO believers overlook or explain it in a line of reasoning which is part of the occult. As Christians know, the Universe as being created in a mature state by God. When God created the Universe the light from other stars and planets were already in the sights of man. There was no time factor there. Adam and Eve were not formed out of dead chemicals over a period of millions of years when they were created, neither were they infants or conceived in the mother's womb. There were mature adults.




When we look at the Universe and see a massive place beyond our own imaginations with stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, exploding stars, and more. Just look at our closest galaxy the Milky Way which has between 200 billion and 400 billion stars in it. It's diameter 100,000 light-years; its average thickness is about 10,000 light-years, increasing to 30,000 light-years at the nucleus. From the Milky Way to the nearest Galaxy from there is over 2 million light years away. It has a diameter of about 165,000 light-years and contains at least 200 billion stars. If UFOs were real, this would make aliens very old.  And their civilizations even older, at least tens of thousands to millions of years at the speed of light to travel to earth on a one way ticket.


Space Travel


Speaking of space travel, a well know scientist name Einstein theorized the maximum speed possible for an object would be the speed of light. Even in space, the more mass you have, such as the size of the spaceship and the mass inside which includes crew and equipment,  the more energy is needed to propel it through space.  Just because there is no weight in space doesn't mean it takes less energy to move heavy objects forward which brings us to this question. How much energy would it actually take to travel at the speed of light?




Kinetic Energy=1/2 (mass) (velocity) (velocity)


Massive energy is a vital component when it comes to traveling at very high speeds. Take a simple 100 pound mass. To propel this object at the speed of light would require 39,200 atomic bombs of energy.  And we are not talking about maintaining that speed for thousands and millions of years. We are only talking about how much energy would it take to propel the 100 pound object that fast. Wouldn't you say it's an incredible amount of energy, isn't it?  Indeed it is. Can you imagine how much energy it would take a Space Shuttle to travel at the speed of light?  Just think for a moment, how much energy the Shuttle would need to go that fast. When one calculates the amount, it would take an astounding 46 million atomic bombs to propel the Space Shuttle at that enormous speed and even more to maintain it.


But let's say for the sake of argument there is an energy source that is able to propel a spaceship at the speed of light and maintain it for a long period of time. This presents a major problem as well for space travel. You see, space is not like an empty room were you would never run into any objects going from one side of the room to the next. On the contrary, we know space is full of stars, planets and so on, but it also has objects known as space dust. It has been estimated that there are 100,000 dust particles per cubic kilometer floating in space. At the speed of light it's 300,000 dust particles per kilometer. An impact at the speed of light with just one of these space particles would destroy the spacecraft.


So this makes detection a vital component when traveling through space at ultra high speeds but it's not the solution rather it presents another problem. Because it would have to be even faster with it's processes than the speed of light. And not only that, but being able to react with a directive to move the spacecraft at the precise moment to avoid the floating space dust particles. Taking all these factors into account would make traveling at the speed of light impossible.  Energy shields are generally the answer in science fiction movies and books to solve this problem, but even if that was a real possible defense, the highly intense bombardment of millions even billions and trillions of space particles depending how far your traveling would also be impossible. The Hubble Space telescope which only goes at a tiny fraction of light speed has holes in it from these objects and it's only been circling the Earth for 15 years.


Traveling Through Space to the Edge of the Universe



In the next part of these series we will look at the mystery that most UFO believers claim is proof that aliens exist and are watching us. Most of you know the story, or at least part of it, if not I will review it once again either way. The incident I'm referring to is; "Roswell" which has been the focus of serious UFO believers for a long time. It's motivation and hope comes from the "Gap Theory" which will be looking at more next time.


But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.

Psalm 115:3


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