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Information Center


All resource listings are provided for the purpose of good sound literature for Christians and non-Christians alike.  However, all the resource listings which label themselves as "Christian" are not totally endorsed  which is not out of the norm considering that Christians grow in grace at different spiritual levels. Also some publications are a good source for a particular topic but are not for doctrine. Most titles are linked to their respective websites. Also as time progresses by the Lord's will, graphics that contain links from other websites will be added which are located at the bottom of this page. If you want to link to this web page under this particular topic then contact the webmaster to have your link considered.  Any spam will be deleted.  More additions coming soon.

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Bible Based Ministries

PO Box 100913, Scottsville, 3209, South Africa

For correspondence purposes only...

 Various articles on Catholicism, South Africa, Ireland, the United States. Christian books and tracks, taped sermons are also available. These items can only be purchased through the US Distributor.   US Distributor: Email: Click Here


Mt. Zion Bible Church
     2603 W. Wright St. Pensacola, FL 3250

Email: chapel@mountzion.org

Description: A valuable free source for Christian material such a Charles Spurgeon, Arthur Pink, John Bunyan, and many others from the past. They also have a wide assortment of taped sermons which list is now up to 8,000. Over 800 booklets, tracks, and audio sermons in the MP3 format which can be downloaded from site.


Wittenburg Publications
136 Main Street Toronto Canada M4E 2V8
Phone: (416) 698-7610

No current web address at this time

Publishers of a number of good Protestant titles, especially the second part of ex-priest Chiniquy’s autobiography, entitled FORTY YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF CHRIST. No current web address at this time.


108 Horseferry Road Westminster London SW1P 2EF UK
Phone: 0171-222 2635

Description: A very good source for books and other literature exposing the fallacy that "Communism is dead," and detailing the ongoing Communist deception of the West. Publishers of books by ex-KGB agent Anatoly Golitsyn.



Trinitarian Bible Society
Tyndale House Dorset Road London SW19 3NN; United Kingdom

Email: TBS@trinitarianbiblesociety.org

Description: A great source on the subject of Bible texts.



160 Changebridge Road   Montville, NJ 07045   USA

Description: Many good books from authors of the past.



4710-37A Avenue Edmonton, AB Canada T6L 3T5
Phone: (780) 450 3730
Email: swrb@swrb.com

Description: Has many great old and out of print Protestant books.  However, I do not recommend the modern authors.  Because they embrace much of the Reconstructionist error, but also the 17th century "Solemn League and Covenant" of many Presbyterians, including the "State Church" error.



P.O. Box 192
Del Valle, TX 78617 USA

Email: bereanbeaconmail@yahoo.com

Description: Nice selection of  books, videos, etc., exposing Roman Catholicism and related topics. Below is a sample video from the Ministry, there is a one minute delay because it was cued for tv...


From a Catholic Hippie to a Baptist Preacher




4927 East Lee Highway   Max Meadows, VA 24360   USA

No current web address available at this time.

Description: A nice source for books on topics like the decline of Protestantism, the Jesuits, the Charismatic Movement.



Gospel Mission Inc
P.O. Box 318; Choteau, MT 59422;

Description: Christian books including children books for home schooling at discount prices.



Institute For For Biblical Text
2233 Michigan, N.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49503; USA;

No current web address is available at this time

Description: A great place to get resource literature in support of the Received Text, and the KJV...It also has literature that exposes the false texts.




Description: A free computer program with the KJV Bible, Strong's Concordance and Bible Dictionary,  Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible, John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible, The Treasury of David (By Spurgeon).  It has many other downloads a believer can use, however, some are not recommended for doctrine like John Wesley's Notes on the Bible.



Landmark Independent Baptist Church

It's a nice little site, which has some has some reading material useful for Christians. Their articles on Christmas and Easter are highly recommended.



Minister: Mr. W H Molland

All Enquires to: Mr. D.C Wort, 90 Clifton Street, Brideford, Devon EX39 4EX, UK

Telephone: (01237) 471233

No current web address is available at this time

Description: A good selection of useful books and booklets, some of them for no more than the cost of a postage stamp, on various subjects. They also publish THE LINK magazine and offer it for free worldwide.  A wide range of expository sermons on various subjects also available for free, but on a "loan" basis.  You do have the option of buying the sermons.



Ronald Cooke

4927 East Lee Highway   Max Meadows, VA 24360   USA

No current web address is available at this time

Description: A nice source for books on topics like the decline of Protestantism, the Jesuits, the Charismatic Movement. No current website address.



P.O. Box 13   Ballynahinch BT24 8AL   Northern Ireland
Phone: 028 9756 5511

Description: Contains some very good books, articles and a newsletter on exposing cults like Rome. However, not all of the authors of those articles are doctrinally sound. John MacArthur is an example, he holds to such flaws as the pre-trib, and setting up a literal "Jewish" kingdom for a thousand years contrary to what Christ said in John 18:36. More on prophecy concerning this matter can be read here



184 Fleet Street   London  EC4A 2HJ   UK
Phone: 020 7405 4960

Description: Various books and booklets exposing Romanism, etc.



12b Roundwood Lane Harpenden Herts. AL5 3DD UK
Phone: 01582 765448

Description: Many good titles from author of the past and present.



Truth For Today

111 Robin Hood Drive Forest City, NC 28043

Tele: 704-245-6059

Email: wfulton-tft@juno.com

No recent web address available at this time

Description: Free Newsletter, Christian books.


Open-Bible Ministries

E-mail: openbible.ministries@btinternet.com

A nice resource for Protestant books from the past, but has involved itself in the "Israel-Identity" error so only the Protestant titles from the past are recommended.



The Banner of Truth Trust
3 Murrayfield Road Edinburg EH12 6EL; United Kingdom

Email: info@banneroftruth.co.uk

Description: Publishers of many excellent histories, biographies, and doctrinal and practical works. However, not every title is recommended.




P.O. Box 6302 Acacia Ridge DC Old 4110 Australia
Phone: (07) 3273 7650

Description: A nice assortment of magazines, books, video, a Technical Journal which exposes evolution and gives  scientific evidence for biblical creation and the flood. It's a good source for scientific information, but not for doctrine other than creationism. 



Pietan Publications
26 Green Farm Road New Ispwich, NH 03071; USA;

Description: A number of sound doctrinal books from saints of old at good prices. Discounts for Ministries.




Providence House Ardenlee Street Belfast BT6 8QJ Northern Ireland

Phone: (028) 90450010
Email: info@ambassador-productions.com

Publishes some good literature for Christians, although one cannot recommend all of their titles.



P.O. Box 144 Akron, PA 17501 USA
Phone: 800-430-0008
Email: abrofc@aol.com

Description: Publishers of BIBLE AND SPADE magazine. Archaeological research in Israel which proves the absolute accuracy and reliability of the Bible. However, it's not recommended for doctrine, and other errors which they hold too



 6302 Acacia Ridge DC Old 4110 Australia
Phone: (07) 3273 7650

Email: Orders@AnswersInGenesis.com

Description: Books, videos, tapes, and the magazines on Creationism and a TJ (Technical Journal), exposing evolution and giving scientific evidence for biblical creation and the flood. Good source for scientific information, but not for doctrine other than creationism, because a) they are Arminian and sadly they endorse ungodly movies.



The Baptist Standard Bearer
No. 1 Iron Oaks Drive Paris, Arkansas 72855; USA

Description: They publish rare and valuable works by believers.



P.O. Box 1004 Hawkins, TX 75765-1004 USA
Phone: 1-903-769-4822
Email: ccmorris@Cox-internet.com
Website: www.the-remnant.com

Description: Publishers of THE REMNANT magazine, which has very good articles, although we are not in agreement with their Hyper-Predestinarian position.



Institute For Creation Research
P.O. Box 2667 El Cajon, 92021; USA;

Description: Many books and video tapes suitable for children to the highly educated, exposing the theory of evolution and giving scientific facts which support the Bible.




Box 354 Colligswood, New Jersey 08108 USA

Description: Publishers of books in support of the Received Text and the KJV, especially by William Burgon. However, they are Arminian, and hold to other errors as well.




Metropolitan Tabernacle Elephant and Castle London SE1 6SD UK
Phone: 020 7735 7076

Description: Provides many good books in it's selection, although not all of the books are recommended



Go Publications

The Carin Eggleston Co. Durban DL12 OAU; United Kingdom

Description: They have published a number of very good books on the lives of past men of God ...



P.O. Box 662 Chino, CA 91710 USA
Phone: (909) 987-0771
Email: productinfo@chick.com

Description: Named after it's founder "Jack Chick", this publisher has some very good  books by  ex-priest Charles Chiniquy, and secular authors Avro Manhattan and Edmond Paris, Dr. Samuel Gipp's book titled; "Understandable History of the Bible" which is a good book about how we got the Bible and know it's an accurate copy of the originals. However, there is a major flaw in this book which contains an endorsement of Ruckman who believes the KJV was inspired like the originals...He has other strange beliefs as well which are not biblical.  There are also some good books on exposing evolution sold here too but not recommended for doctrine. 


Major flaws exist with this book publisher itself. It's highly commercial, their newsletter articles are like an ad for one of the books or tracts they are currently selling. They also advocate that cartoon tracks are like one of the best ways to preach the gospel to the lost, in one ad of theirs some years ago, it puts guilt on a saved person as displayed in it's caption a believer who didn't give an unsaved person a "chick" track before that person died.  In the cartoon the unsaved dead person questions as he was sentenced to go to hell by the Lord,  "why didn't you show me that chick track?"  with another caption saying you should buy their tracks. They also continue to advocate the late Alberto Rivera was a priest who became a Christian later on exposing Rome, and have printed books and comics about this, as it turns out he neither an ex-priest nor a Christian, to see more about this issue, click here. So with their highly commercial flaws, inaccurate stories, and many other doctrinal issues, I recommend only those books listed above.



PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries

Description: A non-profit religious organization which exposes the self-esteem movement, and various methods of psychology in general. Free e-books are available online from the site and a bi-monthly newsletter is also free upon request. Material is good for research for Christians, but not good for some doctrinal positions.



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