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Alberto Rivera: More Insight on This Man's Life


Editor's Note: Known for the comic books produced by Chick Publications, this letter which I received recently by a person who was involved in this situation, reveals yet another aspect of this man's life. The first letter about his story is located at the link below this picture.

Alberto Rivera: A Jesuit Priest or a Fraud?



Below is a tract that I wrote because I was the one who investigated Alberto Rivera. I was indeed very interested in promoting his literature that Jack Chick had published (the Comic Book Series) because as a former catholic myself, I wanted to get the truth out.  In the course of my investigation, I was shocked...and I uncovered a whole range of tangible facts proving Alberto was a fraud in the greatest sense of the word. Please put down your defenses. I am no Jesuit, don't accuse me of such.


My name is Andrew Wilson, I was hired by a group of pastors who were defrauded by Alberto many years after his comics were printed. I personally met Alberto's landlords from years back, who by the way was William Adams. William Adams was blind and operated a full time radio ministry near Daytona Beach, Florida, and did not take a cent in donations for the ministry. It was his car that Alberto had stolen. I have the interview on video that is being transferred to a DVD. I have court documentation that is quite insurmountable of charges brought against Alberto by God loving, protestant pastors, and a doctor, and more... This doctor was conned out of 50,000 (Dr. Ed Guerro) I went to court with Dr. Guerro.


I was at the airport with the news team when Alberto slipped away before they could interview him. I discovered the body of Juan Alberto Romero at the paupers cemetery in El Paso Texas, (go there yourself) I am taking the time to share this with you because I am so fed up with the "protect Alberto club" that is laced with blaming the Jesuits for his murder....please!  When Alberto was confronted by me, he attacked me in an angry rage. Unfortunately I am a former martial arts champion, and Alberto was on the losing end quite fast. It happened at a house in Oxnard, when I confronted Alberto at a Bible study. He was quite shocked to see me, because he knew who I was...and became quite embarrassed at the fact...that I had FACTS...not hearsay!


So speaking the truth...I hope that the Lord will open your eyes to the truth, I am setting up a web-site soon to expose Alberto, but most important...to reach out to lost Catholics.  I wrote the following information below...that will be in a tract form...along with a DVD soon.  Please feel free to call me, and we can meet publicly, and I will be happy to show you what I have.  I was very dear friend of Bart Brewer, and knew him for many years. I gave the eulogy for the former priest: Bart Brewer, founder of mission to Catholics. Bart also knew Alberto was a fraud.  I have sent you this, because you are hearing it first hand from me, not as hearsay. Feel free to call me at any time, for more information re: Alberto.

In Christ, Andrew Wilson


Alberto Rivera

by Andrew Wilson


 Alberto Rivera: Got his fraudulent fame by Anti-Catholic Catholic comic books from Chick Publications. He duped them into believing his fable of being a former priest…(not true)


In El Paso Texas: Police and the Judge Advocates Office knew that Alberto was investigated for child abuse at 1001 Maurice Tobin Lane on the evening of June 26, 1965. Ironically…his baby Juan Alberto Rivera, died at the hospital June 27, 1965 from wounds the next day! As Alberto was about to speak in El Paso, Texas, for a Spanish Revival in 1991, a news crew went to the Paupers Cemetery and filmed the grave of Juan Alberto Romero, who may have died because of Alberto. After Alberto was chased out of El Paso by the Spanish revival committee, the LA News Team waited to confront him at LAX upon his arrival back home…but he cleverly dodged them.  (I was there)


Alberto was also investigated on behalf of Dino Badaracco, a Spanish Pastor from Los Angeles who was defrauded by him; YEARS AFTER the comic books were in print. Expelled from college for habitual lying, Alberto had many warrants re: grand theft, child abuse, and was investigated for a murder. His landlord William & Emagene Adams in Ormond Beach, Florida, (whom he also worked for) at the time of his supposed flight from Rome, told me of how Alberto stole their 1965 Rambler, and a credit card from his neighbor, Mita Averil, as he fled to Washington State.


I had contacted Chick Publications (Jack Chick) to no avail. As a former Catholic, I had worked with Bart Brewer(1), a real former Catholic Priest who led many to Christ after his departure from the priesthood. Bart Brewer was one of the most honorable, dedicated, Christian persons I have ever known! I agree with Chick Publications on many things, but on Alberto Rivera, they are wrong…very wrong..! Chick was misled by a professional story-telling con-artist. When Alberto was confronted re: above allegations, he physically attacked his accuser in an angry rage.



(1) Editor's note, ‘Pilgrimage from Rome’ Bart Brewer's earthly journey was ended by the Lord in 2005 and instantly his soul entered the heavenly kingdom to be with the Lord forever began. However, Bart Brewer's message to the lost still lives on; ‘No priest but Christ; no sacrifice but Calvary; no authority but the Word of God; no confession but the Throne of God’s Grace’.


(2) Feedback: From emerson_67..."hey none of what you said about Rivera is relevant whether his a fraud or not instead of being subjective to your claims you should be more objective you should use evidence not your own point of views I dare you to why not challenge his testimonies instead of just saying that he is not real on your web page after reading your whole page your just like going round and round almost all you said was nonsense you should attack solid evidence because we don't who you are saying this things right please don't make a fool of yourself okay.....if i were you you just better shut up if your not going to say anything relevant okay." Editor's Response: My sources knew Rivera personally and the evidence does bares this out, Alberto Rivera is a fraud for claiming he was a Roman Catholic Priest, and he did not show fruit of being a true Christian while he was alive.



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