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A Letter from a Brother in the Faith


Dear Mike

I have been busy answering ministry mail and thought I would share some of it with you...May it give you some things to consider.

I do believe Socrates was correct in one statement he made, you know a man by the manner of his leisure time rather than his work efforts. How many professing Christians deceived themselves by being upright at work and in the church's but the worldly passions of their entertainments to excess in any of the following things such as the idolatry of sports, music, dancing, movies, card playing, TV shows, etc. One of the reasons I went to books on tapes all the time in the car is because it was becoming easy to revert back to the worldly music of my youth (oldies stations) or impure talk radio that it was corrupting or better said, bring out the corruption of my heart and mind.

I am known to quote men and event from history, but I hope this does not give the perception of being puff up or arrogant. I thirst for knowledge of all kinds. While as all men, I have too much pride, my ignorance, mistakes, upbringing, and position in life keeps me humble and my feet planted on the ground. Above all, the awareness of my own sins and the Holiness of God which makes for godly fear & reverence is very humbling. Too much 'Pride' has and always will be a main cause for the fall of political and business leaders and the everyday person.

It is a hard thing to keep in check, even Ben Franklin admitted it was one of his greatest faults. He tried to slay it as he consider it a vice, but felt if he were to become humble, he would be very proud of it. I study great men to learn from them, not to make me great, but in hopes of making me better. LEADERSHIP makes the difference in the life of a country and the success of any business. I am driven by passion to improve things and to excel at any task (large or small) that is under my responsibilities. Many executives I meet could be leaders if they could only learn to communicate more effectively and not be afraid to make mistakes. Only a fool would thing he is beyond learning from his own mistakes and the experiences of others.

It used to be said in the US that President McKinney could make a friend saying NO and President Harrison could make a enemy by the way he said, YES! These are the kind of prudent points that I ponder and try to impress in my mind. I had to write a letter to xxxx (a former co-worker of mine) the fighter pilot because he had been asking lots of questions about the bible, religion, and history. Of course, he doesn't take my word for anything (which he shouldn't) but I give him directions on where to look. I'm not sure of the level of personal interest he has at this time or if it is more of a desire for him to question those around him.

XXXX was raised Catholic, and I have been witnessing to him for some time as you well know. Since I went in detail regarding my experience and conversion by the grace of God and the fact we have opened the door of discussing deep things I believe it would benefit our future discussion of heartfelt things if I have you more details on my background. Dan asked why Catholics (Mormons and others) stay when they must know much of their religion is false and mixed with paganism.

Being a former Catholic myself and knowing many of the things about the history of the religion even while planning to go to seminary, I think I can comment on why people don't break from such stupidity. Also don't forget that all college graduates have had some exposure to history and Inquisition. Plus, from Pope, to the Priest, down to the masses, it doesn't matter how much you read the Bible if you are of the position that the Bible is subordinate to the teachings of the Papacy. The Bible according to Rome must be understood in accordance with the unanimous consent to the 'church fathers', which any priest or theology knows has never existed.

Why do some people stay catholic even when they know it can't be all true, which is why many don't want it questioned? It starts with the 'Emperor new clothes' but with a different ending. In reality to boy who yells the King is naked would get stoned by the masses that want to hold onto their fairy tale. Also, to most Catholics that were instructed well in their youth, they believe to leave Romanism, is to betray Christ. People stay in a false religion because they don't love truth (or know the truth) and because it is the religion of their family or their spouse.

Catholics that hate any talk of their religion usually are that way because of fear within his own heart and mind that makes them not to want to think about those things. Believe me, these people have experiences and questions of things that don't make sense, but refuse to face up to them. I see this in those whose family is strong in the religion or need a crutch to keep them feeling secure in the world. It is very sad. If no one is to discuss Religion, then Christ and his apostles and followers were evil men. They turned the world upside down? You see, Paul, Peter, John, and other being tossed in and out of jail just for preaching the truth of Jesus Christ and that salvation is by Him, through Him and by Grace through faith, not of any human works or will.

There are many in our own society that would love to prevent others from preaching Christ or in even questioning their religion. It is odd, that the same type of people that say don't discuss religion, usually only mean THEIR religion because if you were making fun of the stupid things of others, they would join right in the conversion. Proof of this found in experience. Many will join in when we discuss the stupid things of Mormonism, but away from the table when I discuss personally with them their own Catholicism, they burned with anger and said it shouldn't be discussed.

I finally broke with the Pope's religion prior to my conversion. I just couldn't go to confessional anymore. I knew I was sinning against God (even though I didn't know him, nor followed him). Then, I couldn't participate in the lie of the MASS and believed I was eating God. My conscience couldn't take the game anymore. I was never molested by a Priest or anything like that which faithful Catholics assume is my reason for leaving. They just can't accept someone truly believes in Christ is real and rose from the grave, but the Pope is the devil that is deceiving millions and billions over the time of history. It was a few months after turning from family and stating that Rome has taught me to break God's word, and that I rejected the Pope's religion that I became burdened with my next crisis.

Early in life I didn't married my beautiful high school sweetheart because she wanted me to be a Mormon. While I was no Christian and didn't know the Bible real well, I would look up their teachings in the Bible when I attended with her (for 2 years) and I couldn't go along with such outlandish things. Become a God, have a planet of people worshipping me...HAH! Even Satan only wanted to be like God in Genesis, and these people tell me I can be God. Of course at the time I went, Blacks couldn't obtain priesthood (become a God) which changed while I was attending. So now, this TRUE CHURCH changed major doctrine, and people just keep attending and ignoring the fact that it couldn't be true and let by God who doesn't lie or change the racial quota for heaven (or Godhood).

Before the change, they couldn't answer my questions about mixed races of people, and the fact that all races are from Adam and Eve. It was hard to accept new lies but easy to remain in the lies (religion) that you are raised into by family. Anyway, after I left Rome and visit a few other places full of excess, but while they didn't blasphemy as much as Romanism, they believe the Pope and his religion to be Christian with many errors (charismatic and freewill Baptist types), this was very disturbing and I tossed all of them to the side and ignored all religion.

I was not content for very long just believing nothing other than no one seems to care what the Bible really taught. I was burden by what I knew the scriptures to teach and was compelled to study what Christ did do and say. After several months of long nights searching the Scriptures, marking verse after verse, God granted me repentance (from trusting self) and gave me faith in His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the rock upon which I stand. God (and Jesus is God) is called the Rock many times in the O.T. and the N.T. It is amazing that Rome could distort one verse in Mathew and make the claim that Peter is the Rock. He was not a good foundation as he denied Christ 3 times, was wrong when he originally supported required the Gentiles to be circumcised until Paul withstood him face to face to correct him.

Now if Peter was a Pope with infallible teachings, why was he wrong? Now understand the Scriptures, Peter didn't write a false teaching in Scriptures, for they were inspired by God (Greek word is God Breathed) but we by the will of God get to know Peter's error. It is amazing to me that the devil has been able to build such a false religion on the very things that God's word gives us things to refute such lies.  Example, you will find in Luke 11:27-28 what Christ had to say about the praise of Mary, (the mother of Jesus, not the mother of God, for it was only his human body that came by her, not His nature). Jesus had been preaching and in verse 27, a certain woman (a good catholic woman in my mind when I first read this as a catholic) of the company lifted up her voice and said unto him (Jesus), "BLESSED IS THE WOMB THAT BARE THEE, AND THE PAPS WHICH THOU HAST SUCKED." I'm sure you have heard these words before. You would think that Jesus would have said, AMEN, YES, look to Mary for I will do as she desires...etc. etc. But that is not how Christ reacted for once He started His ministry (at around 30), he gave no special attention to human ties - mother, or his half brothers and sisters (except on the Cross He made sure the widowed Mary has someone to care for her, that being the apostle John).

Back to how Jesus did react, verse 28, BUT (you have to explain to some the power and meaning of this simple 3 letter word - BUT), He said, "YEA, RATHER, BLESSED ARE THEY THAT HEAR THE WORD OF GOD AND KEEP IT."

It was in the month of May when I by the providence of God had a Bible with me at Mass (only because I had been using it early in the day when I was meeting with the Priest for detailed study of my religion to prepare for seminary), as the mass book had us read verse 27, since May is the month of special worship to the so-called Virgin Mary (for the Mary of the Bible is not this idol, the Mary of the Scriptures had relations with her husband after Christ was born), Since I had my Bible in hand I happen to turn to the Bible as we recited this part of the Mass like dumb sheep and it was a horror to me to see the game that was played on us when I read verse 28. It was only of the last Catholic Mass I ever attended.

Hear God's Word and keep, not in the Pope's religion and then I looked closer at the history and understood how this evil system formed in the name of Christ as the Roman Empire under Constantine merge the Pagan world and professed Christianity, but it was never the religion of Christ. There were many false religious leaders prior to him in the early 4th century, but he organized the foundation of the Papacy. There were already false preachers and apostles while the Bible was being written and they are warned about in the Scriptures. It is to these heretics, Rome calls Holy Fathers and uses their lies to justify false doctrine (those that go against the Scriptures).

It is my prayer that God would burden my friend xxx over his sins and that he would find true peace, forgiveness, and salvation in Christ. To do this, it requires to know who Christ really is for as recorded in Scripture, how can one believe if they don't know who his is?
Long to hear from you and know your thoughts regarding the topics I have discussed if you find them of interest and when you find the time. I hope you know me will enough to know that I believe in the freedom of all worship as they see fit and am against REBELLION. I seek to do no harm to anyone. Hope you have found a thing or two of interest in the epistle I have sent. I also hope you are still awake by the time you got to the end.




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