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Contending For the Faith Ministries
42055 Crestland Dr., Lancaster, CA 93536 USA Email: BlantonDR@aol.com



My name is D. R. B. and I am a former Roman Catholic that heard the Holy Spirits call to “Come out of her my people”. In 1984, the Lord’s sovereign grace called me out of the darkness and into the light of his son, Jesus Christ. Our ministry distributes tapes, tracts, pamphlets, and books to Christians around the world that are seeking to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to preach the whole counsel of God, witness to the lost and feed the sheep of Christ. We preach the doctrines of grace as being the doctrines of Christ, and we call people to separate from the religions traditions and practices of the Great Whole (Romanism) and her daughters. We believe the focus of the believer should be in obeying the great commission as found in Matthew 28:19-22…teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you….” We believe that a ministry must teach practical doctrines regarding sanctification and warn the sheep about the grievous wolves in the world.


We use the KJV (most faithful and reliable English translation), and with keeping to the teaching of Christ, we look to him to save all his elect and then come and judge the world. We expose the charismatic movement and its false teachers. We teach God’s people that the Jesuits have infiltrated Protestantism with false futurism (pre-trib rapture, future anti-Christ, 1000 year earthly reign, the restoration of old Israel with animal sacrifices, and many other false interpretations of both old testament prophecies and the book of Revelations). “The Jesuits Order of the Roman Catholic institution is the most diabolical of all Roman Catholic orders; the most fanatical, the most corrupt, the most dangerous. Ever since its inception in the sixteenth century, it has stopped at nothing in the relentless of its goal: to destroy all the enemies of the Papacy, and to enchain the world to the feet of the pope of Rome.” (Quote from the Jesuit Secret Agents - tract by Shaun Willcock).
We do not believe it is profitable to try and convince those in darkness that the Pope is the anti-Christ and that the Jesuits are her most evil workers unless this is part of the "overall presentation of the Gospel".


To do so outside the presentation of Christ only enrages those in darkness and brings persecution on the believers. We believe the lost need to hear the gospel and be called out of the great harlot but the focus to the lost is not primarily Romanism but Christ. As one that worked with Alberto Rivera for a number of years, I learned first hand that many will unite together against the Pope, the Jesuits, and her false doctrines but many themselves love not the doctrines of Christ, nor do they seek after righteousness. It is shocking how many of those united against Romanism and fight a fleshly battle against Romanism hold heretical doctrines and are not of one doctrine. We are to join in fellowship with those of the one true faith as found in Jesus Christ, and in following Christ, his people will not fellowship with the workers of darkness. Because I took my eyes off Christ and focused too much on exposing the Pope, I was deceived for a number of years before realizing the Alberto Rivera was a false professing Christian and that his testimony of being a former Jesuit is a fraud. I have documentation that is available to those that request it from our catalog. It is a terrible thing that many immediately called those that expose Rivera as a fraud as agents of Rome.


We are greatly sadden to hear people within evangelical circles say, “Yes, Roman Catholicism is a false, antichristian religion, and most Roman Catholics are unregenerate; but there are some, at least, who are true Christians, and who remain within the institution, either out of ignorance, or from a desire to serve the Lord from within the system, instead of the outside.” Those that speak thus are in serious error. That there are some Roman Catholics who are true Christians is an utter impossibility. Professing Christians who makes such a statements as the one above, are either abysmally ignorant of Roman Catholicism, or they are ignorant of the bible itself. When the Lord grants a person repentance and faith toward Jesus Christ, they repent of their false doctrines of Romanism regarding salvation through the sacraments. Once a person rejects the Pope’s seven channels of grace through sacraments as the means of salvation, they are no longer a Roman Catholic. When one is saved, Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of the faith, will call his people out of her. No rational person would believe a person could be a Mormon or a Hindu and be a Christian at the same time, and if they saw Romanism in it’s true light according to Christ, they would know its not possible to hold Catholic doctrines and the doctrines of Christ at the same time.

Christians must be armed with the truth and they should heed the warning of Charles Chiniquy (1809-1899), a man that was a priest of Rome for 25 years before being granted repentance and saving faith. The following quote is from the ‘Dedication’ in his classic autobiography and refutation of Romanism, 50 Years in the ‘Church’ of Rome, published in 1886. Brother Chiniquy was warning the ministers of his days about the dangers of Modern Babylon as found in Romanism poses to bible believing followers of Christ. Quote…”The consequence is an ignorance of Romanism which becomes more and more deplorable and fatal every day. It is that ignorance which paves the way to the triumph of Rome, in a near future, if there is not a complete change in your views on that subject.” (Protestants in Chiniquy’s day were ignoring the mission fields of Roman Catholics and were happy to treat them as brethren, much like today.

Over time, those protestants that professed a love for Christ became ignorant of the evils of Romanism because of the failure of the preachers to be watchman over the flock of God). “It is that ignorance which paralyses the arm of the Church of Christ, and makes the glorious word “Protestant” senseless, almost a dead and ridiculous word. For who does really protest against Rome today? Where are those who sound the trumpet of alarm? …. Because modern Protestants have not only forgotten what Rome was, what she is, and what she will forever be; the most irreconcilable and powerful enemy of the Gospel of Christ; but they consider her almost as a branch of the church whose cornerstone is Christ. Faithful ministers of the Gospel! The monster Church of Rome, who shed the blood of your forefathers is still at work today, at your very door, to enchain your people to the feet of her idols. Christians would do well to heed this faithful warning. Be bold in the faith, bear witness to Christ, have no fellowship with the workers of darkness, don’t participate in the Harlots ‘Holy days’, walk in righteousness, and above all, let the fruits of the spirit be plentiful in your daily life. Hold fast that which is true.

If I can be of service to you, please write to us again. You can view our catalog online and download most of the printed material for free at: http://www.biblebasedministries.co.uk

“Jude 3”
a sinner saved by grace.



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