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 A Letter About the Holidays

Hello D.B.


 I just wanted to write to you and thank you and Shaun Willcock for your contributions to the book "The Pagan Festivals of Christmas and Easter". Having read the book, it has definitely nailed any misconceptions I would have had about these festivals. I started to have my doubts about Christmas a few years ago after having an argument with a Christian about Christmas. What was said to me troubled me because if it what was said was true, it would cause a lot of problems with my family etc., because at that time, I loved Christmas.
As life went on, I became more frustrated with the idea that Christmas is something that HAS to be done. In other words, there is no choice, you MUST do it. I came to realise that Christ never sanctioned it, and that we are under the law of liberty.
I told my Mum last weak through email and chatted with her last Sunday to tell her that I will no longer be celebrating Christmas. She was not happy. I am more concerned about my church and their reaction, because when I didn't go to church over Easter, I chatted with the pastor, and he wasn't happy when I told him what I thought about the festivals. I relented and just thought that may be I was making a fuss about nothing.
However in the months leading up to now, my conviction has been renewed that Christmas and Easter is wrong. I have read a number of resources including your own book, which has been very helpful.
I am married. My wife has agreed to go along with the idea that we will not be celebrating Christmas, but thinks I am being rather extreme.


I would appreciate your support and prayers at this very difficult and trying time for me.


Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you, ALWAYS,





Dear K.A.


Salutations in the name of Christ Jesus, Lord and Savior of  all his people.  Thank you very much for the personal letter regarding your own trials as you seek to follow the Lord in the things he has commanded and avoid those things in religion he didn't command and violates many of his teachings.

We (my wife and I) know the path you find yourself in at this time very well.  Our families thought we were just in a phase, then a cult, and then later decided we are just crazy.  They know the stress, pressures, and $$$ that is all part of Christmas season but they feel duty bound to keep it.  Many in my family still sends me Season Cards in the mail that goes in the rubbish bin an it has been since 1984 that I abandoned the Romish festival when I was called out of the Pope's religion unto Christ.  For years I had gone to mid-night Mass to thank (worship) Mary for saying Yes and being willing to carry the Savior.  Family and co-workers made the first few years difficult but over time, it was clear to me that we are the one's that are relaxed and not stressed out by the worldly holiday kept by the majority of the people that profess any type of religion and many not at all.  In the US, you see Christmas trees and gifts in Jewish homes, and even liberal Muslims because they want their kids to be a part.  Nothing holy about a Christmas story fulls of error and false teaching, nor the material exchange of gifts, drunken parties, and gorging on food & sweets.

The Lord Jesus didn't teach his disciples to keep any such day, nor did they teach it to believers in the years after the Lord had risen from the grave.  If God didn't bring it do this people to keep it, who did and why?  Clearly, it does not serve the glory of the Lord and is the most ecumenical Holiday in the world and gives a bright focus on the Pope of Rome every year, and he is viewed as the head of Christ Church around this world on this Romish Holy day.

If you desire to write to my dear brother and friend Shaun Willcock that wrote the book, you can email him at: info@biblebasedministries.co.uk

I've copied our introduction letter below to tell you more about our ministry.  We do hope and pray that over time your wife also sees this from a biblical perspective and joyfully supports the action you have taken as being right before the Lord.


Thank you again for your letter. 




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