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(Editors Note: I have heard many sermons on audio cassette tapes by L.R. Shelton and a few on video tape over the years. My favorite sermon was when the Lord lead him to do one on Romans 8.  It was and still is a blessing for me to listen to it.  I have featured some of his sermons in this website which were originally preached to the saints of God and on the radio truth network in his home town.  This little known Baptist minister was used by God to spread the good news to the world.  A friend of mine went down to Florida to meet him once, and attended services while she was down there. From what she told me and my experience in writing to the members of the Mount Zion Bible Church some years ago, they are one of the most kindest, sincere, people who loved the Lord, and who wanted to obey God in all things. Originally Mount Zion was going to be called; Mount Zion Baptist Church, but there was already a Baptist Church by that name in their local city. Since there is little background information about this small Church in my area I have posted this bio from the funeral program)

Pastor Lee Roy Shelton, Jr., age 79, went home to be with his
Heavenly Father on January 16, 2003.

He had served in the vineyard of the Lord for nearly 40 years. For
many years his service was at the First Baptist Church of Algiers in
New Orleans, La. The Lord called him to establish Mt. Zion Bible
Church in Litchfield, Mn. in 1970. He served there for 8 years. In
1978, he founded Mt. Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, Fla. where for
23 years the Lord blessed his endeavors as pastor of the local church
and leader of a worldwide ministry.

Pastor Shelton lived by faith in his loving God. He never asked for
money but trusted God to provide what was needed to carry on Mt.
Zion Ministries. This included printing and distributing worldwide
tracts, booklets, and books through Mt. Zion Publications and Chapel
Library. Through Mt. Zion Bible Institute, Christian correspondence
courses were written and distributed worldwide. Mt. Zion Prison
Ministry provided a prison outreach ministry nation-wide. His constant
desire was to give away as much good literature as he could.
And he did. Thousands of souls worldwide were touched by this good
and faithful servant and will continue to be touched through the years.
He retired as pastor in July 2002, due to his deteriorating health.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Lee Roy and Dola
Shelton; and his two sisters, Jessie Turnage and Ora Nell Myers.

He will be lovingly missed by his beloved wife of 60 years,
Loraine Shelton; his three children, Sharon Frolek and husband, Alan,
Lee Roy Shelton, III and wife, Marsha, and Zechariah Shelton and
wife, Janis. He was blessed with four grandchildren, Lee Roy
Shelton, IV and wife, Dawn, Christy Washburn and husband, Paul,
Kimberlee Morrow and husband, Mike, and Sharla Shelton. He lived
to see two great-grandchildren, Leroy and Jacob Washburn. He is also
survived by his brother, Judson, and his sister, Carol.


Mt. Zion Bible Church
2603 W. Wright St. Pensacola, FL 3250; Email and Website  chapel@mountzion.org


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