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The Immigration War Against America




America has the strongest and most high tech military the world has ever seen. There is no current military threat religious or otherwise in the entire world that is able to match it. As a result, America faces a different kind of war which has been waged at it's borders for many years now and it's called; "Massive Illegal Immigration."


In LA on April 8, 2007, Carrying signs saying "Amnesty Now!" and "Love Thy Neighbor, Don't Deport Him," about 15,000 people danced to Mexican ranchera music, chanted "Si, se puede!" or "It can be done!"


In Denver, Colorado, protesters waved Mexican flags and brandished signs saying: “Uncle Sam Stole Our Land!” and: “If you think I’m illegal because I’m a Mexican, learn the true history, because I’m in my homeland.”


“Today we march, tomorrow we vote”


In Dallas, Texas, on April 9, 2006  half a million people marched, again waving Mexican flags with “Our Lady of Guadalupe” (an immensely popular “apparition” of the “Virgin Mary” in Mexico).



The Main Force Behind Massive Illegal Immigration 


“Prayer books and guides to social and religious services should be provided along the way and at the points of arrival. The migrants should be reminded of their role as evangelizers".


U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops


There has been little dispute about the vast majority of illegals being Roman Catholics coming from Mexico and other Latin countries.  There has been however, various theories on the main force behind the massive illegal immigration army which is constantly crossing the US border.  Talk show hosts in mainstream conservatism and liberal media outlets say its merely poverty that drives them across.  While others say illegals want to make money so they can go back to their own country and retire the rest of their lives while living a rich life. However, and this is not something you will hear on Fox News or CNN, but the Vatican has for years been the main force behind the invasion.  Yes, the Vatican!  Why? Like the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops have declared the role of the illegals is be "evangelizers".  Not only that, but it's main focus is to basically populate America with more Catholics.  A Roman Catholic priest, Paul Marx,  back in 1987, was pretty clear and open about  the Vatican's role in supporting and encouraging illegal mass immigration of Latin Americans into the United States he states:


“America is a dying nation. I tell the Mexicans when I am down in Mexico to keep on having children, and then to take back what we took from them: California, Texas, Arizona, and then to take the rest of the country [the United States] as well.”


Also the late pope, John Paul II stated...


“They [immigrants] often bring with them a cultural and religious heritage which is rich in Christian [read “Roman Catholic’] elements. The Church... is committed to spare no effort in developing her own pastoral strategy among these immigrant people, in order to help them settle in their new land and to foster a welcoming attitude among the local population”


There was a  study released in June by the California Catholic Conference, and entitled “Planning for the Future of the California Catholic Church.  In that study contained interesting stats. By 2025, Roman Catholics are expected to comprise about 36% of California’s population, compared to about 30 percent now. In 2005, 11.1 million of California’s 36.6 million were Roman Catholics. By 2025, it is expected that 16.7 million of California’s expected 45.9 million people will be Roman Catholics. This is an increase of 5.6 million Roman Catholics. Of these, 3.5 million will be the result of new births, and 2.1 million will be new immigrants. “Church” membership will grow by 129%.


The Latino portion of the increased population of California in the period 1990-2005 was 79% of all new Californian residents. Between 2005 and 2025 it is expected to amount to 81% of new residents.  By 2025, 4.3 million new Roman Catholic baptisms would have occurred, over 3.1 million children will receive their “first communion” in the Roman Catholic institution, and the average parish will have expanded by over 1800 families.


“They [the immigrants]... come with the values that are so needed in the United States today.... This is a special moment in the history of the Catholic Church and the history of migration”.


Roman Catholic cardinal, Theodore McCarrick, of Washington, D.C.



The Vatican Using "Forgiveness" to promote illegal immigration


A local radio host in my local area who is a devote Catholic and has conservative political viewpoints informs the listening audience that he gets slightly annoyed by visiting Priests or his local Priest in general when political issues are brought up. He just doesn't like politics mixed in with preaching he said. Mainly because he disagrees what the Priests are saying politically not doctrinally.  Cast in point, a visiting Priest in a loud voice told Roman Catholics they must forgive illegal immigrants, sex abusers, and so on.  Since we are focusing in on massive illegal immigration, we will leave the sex abuse scandals for another time.  But in the eyes of this Priest who was at odds with this devote Catholic radio talk show host, forgiveness of illegal immigrants is allowing them to cross the US border at will which is in line with the Vatican.  And it's not only him, but other Priests around the country are using "forgiveness" in the wrong sense to promote massive illegal immigration.


Mexico and The Vatican


Without question, there is also a push for expansion of Mexico which suites the Vatican just fine because Mexico has been mainly Roman Catholic for many hundreds of years. 


“This is our land, and our continent, this is not property of the Europeans or their descendants. Not one inch of this continent belongs to Europeans, no matter what lies or distortions of ownership they may present.... Remember that we have only temporarily (and illegally) been deprived of the rights to our continent and our heritage. This occupation of our continent is not a permanent condition.”


Olin Tezcatilpoca

It's not shocking to know that almost 60 percent of Mexicans believe they should be able to cross into the United States whenever they please.  A woman on one of the most popular programs on the Fox News cable network was asked by the host, "Do you believe in the United States having the right to control it's own borders". She replied, "Back in the 1600's people were free to travel anywhere in the United States".  The host looked puzzled for a moment and said with a stern voice, "I'm not asking you what happened in the past before America became a country, I mean now the present.  I'm asking you again if you believe that the United States has a right to control it's own border".  She then finally responded, "Yes of course, I believe the United States has that right to control their own border".  In order to avoid eliminate the feeling of awkwardness because of the controversy, she caved in that moment but her overall position on immigration hasn't changed. She still feels that the United States should not control it's own border.  For how can one say that a country can control it's own border but yet believe that people have the right to travel into another country as they please.

Elvira Arellano an illegal immigrant activist who was on a mission to try and change what she and others have called; "a broken immigration policy" in the United States.  She was originally caught using fraudulent credentials and deported back to Mexico only to cross the borders again illegally.  In 2002, she went to a Methodist 'church' building in Chicago to seek a safe haven in order to block attempts in sending her back to Mexico once again.  She tried having a kid and using the kid's health in order to argue she has to stay in the US.  Finally it was revealed she was captured in August 2007, and sent back to Mexico while choosing to leave her son behind even though she could have taken him with her.  The debate over massive illegal immigration began to take hold again nationally as tv and radio talk shows were talking about Miss Arellano's situation.

Before I conclude this part on Mexico and the Vatican, the issue of how the US treats illegal immigrants with their US born kids came up after the Elvira Arellano situation...When it comes to illegal immigrants filtering into Mexico from other countries, the Mexican government requires them to pay a fee in order to cross their borders into the United States. Often times the illegals who cross into Mexico are treated very badly and spit upon by Mexican authorities or Mexican civilians which brings up the question, why isn't Miss Arellano fighting for illegal immigrant rights in Mexico?


Other Forces Behind Massive Illegal Immigration


While discussing the main force behind the push for massive illegal immigration.  We cannot forget about the Communists and Socialists who are also a major force behind illegal immigration. Socialists love the concept and practice especially from third world countries because it enhances their power as these illegal immigrates being poor, require hand outs from the government like free education, free health care, as well as many more benefits which illegal immigrants can obtain.


The (Communist) Workers World Party, and the International Socialist Organization, brought printed placards and signs to the demonstration, and handed out copies of their newspapers in Spanish and English. Socialist literature was displayed on tables. The Workers World Party distributed placards with pictures of Che Guevara. They also carried placards with the words: “Workers’ Struggles Have No Borders!” True Communist propaganda: that nation-states are irrelevant, that borders should come down.


Shaun Willcock

(A Christian Pastor who runs Bible Based Ministries)

What about big business or businesses in general? Many would ask and argue over as the main force behind illegal immigration...Indeed this is another force behind illegal immigration, no doubt about it but it's not the main force.  Many businesses who hired illegals for cheap labor has seen their profits increased more than with legal citizens.  Many countries like China who have become an industrial powerhouse have taken advantage of their cheap labor which have made it difficult for America companies to compete for business.  Thus, the illegals become more profitable for these America companies to hire.  In some cases profit doesn't matter at all, we find some rich people hiring illegals to be nannies, cooks, maids, and so on even though they can afford legal citizens to do the job.   


On September 11, 2001 is when the world saw illegals for the first time attack the America in a massive way as many innocent people were killed in the name of the Islamic religion. For years terrorists have been in the United States either raising money, or training or even both.  Certainly terrorists promote illegal immigration as a way not only to attack other countries with their distorted beliefs for world conquest for their god, but also attack America too. 


What about poverty?  No one can deny, it's one of the major reasons which motivates people to come to the America.  And who can blame them?  After all, their country is so poor with little opportunities to have any measure of success in life, plus there is enormous amount of freedom. Thus, people tend to want to cross the borders to come to the US to obtain great wealth beyond their wildest dreams.  Then there is the criminal element.  Criminals who sell drugs for example, make huge profits from their criminal actions by smuggling illegal drugs into the US by various means such as underground tunnels, or various transportation. 

And lastly, media bias which is in step with the Vatican and all other forces or people who are in favor of illegal immigration.  The liberal media in the United States and even some in other countries like the BBC have been on a re-education campaign to attempt to try and sway public opinion.  In this media blitz, they use labels  such as "undocumented immigrants" which in a way is misleading because many do use "documents" but it's used in a fraudulent manner or even stolen.  However, there is some truth to this label.  It does mean the government has no document of that person or persons who enter into the United States.  So there is no accurate count or estimate on how many are actually in the US from other countries who came here illegally.  More than likely there are more illegals than what they are currently aware of.


Progress or Lack Thereof on Restricting Massive Illegal Immigration


Despite all the tough talk on illegal immigration since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in the United States, it's been reported that only 2 percent of those illegals captured are actually prosecuted (see news report click here).  The rest of the illegals captured are safely returned to Mexico. The United States government has caved in to the influence of the Vatican and other special interest groups. On June 26, 2007 in Hazleton, Pa. A Judge ruled in a 206 page document that the "Illegal Immigration Relief Act" which punishes landlords and businesses who rent or are employing illegal immigrants by their respected business is not constitutional. This is not surprising since it's not first time a court has done made such a ruling. Just another indication how the US government has caved in to the Vatican and other special interest groups.

On October 12th 2007, a new law signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger prevents cities in his State from punishing landlords who rent to illegal immigrants. A response to a vast number of communities nationwide have tried to curb illegal immigration by proposing crackdowns on property owners who rent to them or businesses that employ them, among other measures.

The Border Patrol still remains under staffed and even with an increased and capable staff, it appears their main job is to capture then send the illegals back without prosecution.  A group of civilians frustrated with the governments lack of progress in securing the borders formed the "Minute Man" organization. Their objective was to assist the border patrol by spotting illegals and contacting them.  They were pretty successful in securing  20 miles of the border but remains under attack by the liberal media. President Bush decided to send the National Guard down to the US/Mexican borders to help assist with the problem of massive illegal immigration. But again, the National Guard is most likely going to be use to capture and then transfer the illegals back to Mexico without being prosecuted.


Another negative sign of progress concerning illegal immigration is the fence.  The United States passed a law which was signed by President Bush on October 26, 2006 to build a fence to help keep illegals out of the country across a few states.  Many months later we see only 17 miles of the fence put up out of 845 miles.  There is currently a complete stoppage of work in getting the fence built.  Of course one fence is not going to solve the whole illegal immigration issue, but the lack of interest in getting the fence built under the new law is just another sign that there is no real progress in securing the US borders even after a major terrorist attack conducted by illegal immigrants on 9/11.  


Recently as of August 10, 2007, President Bush is trying make a push for his plan to raise the fines on employers who hire illegal immigrants as part of a broader plan said Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.  Also a quicker deployment of an under staff boarder patrol.  It's unknown as this time how much the fine will be for employers who break the law to hire illegals or how many more boarder patrol agents will be deployed more rapidly. This part of the plan has the farming industry worried and suggested it would put them out of business.  About 75 percent of the farmer's workforce are illegals.  More than one million.  I believe it's around 2-5 million illegals in the farming workforce...Without no documentation it's hard to really tell how many are in the country so most estimates in the media are on the low side.  The farming industry does have to worry more but if we look at the history of illegal immigration, the enforcement of laws are weak at best.  The rest of the President's plan wants most of the illegals who are working to stay while sending back the head of household to their particular countries for about a year before returning again, and have to pay a 5,000 dollar fine over ten years. 


In Conclusion

Before I conclude this news item lets make one thing clear...There is basically nothing wrong with legal immigration.  America is a nation of immigrants who came here for a better life, adapted into the society well, and so on...In fact, the United States takes in more lawful immigrants than any other country in the world!  But what we are seeing today on immigration is a emphasis on massive illegal immigration that should be considered as a war waged against the United States for religious, business, and political reasons.


Christians must pray for this government for stronger security on the borders and the United States in general. For it truly needs God!


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