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APA: Expanding it's Label Towards Christians

The dictionary defines pseudoscience as “a system of theories, assumptions and methods erroneously regarded as science.”


The American Psychological Association has conducted another study which was reported by the Washington Post. The APA is now claiming the patients in which they are seeing have a "bias" which is "pathological".  Like Communism and the liberal schools and their Universities, the APA seeks to re-educate or to put it in a more common way would "use treatments" to change this "bias". The APA already considers Christians diseased by opposing homosexuality.  Also other studies conducted by this wicked organization claim that not all adult-child sex was bad and wants to see pedophillia removed from the diseased list as a disorder. 


How the APA defines their Theories


Dr. Sigmund Koch was basically hired by the APA to help explain their system of theories in the realm of science.  He admits that  psychology cannot be a coherent science.”  Psychology is not a progressive trend of discipline which adds more knowledge to knowledge, but rather a discovery by one generation which disproves the theory from a generation of the past. Sir Karl Popper, who is considered one of the greatest philosophers of science had this to say about psychology... “though posing as sciences, had in fact more in common with primitive myths than with science; that they resembled astrology rather than astronomy.”  He also says, “These theories describe some facts, but in the manner of myths. They contain most interesting psychological suggestions, but not in a testable form.”   So in these APA studies resembles more like a witchdoctor therapy sort of speak than a real scientific study. The APA has it's own bias, it's against Christianity and they want to change the way people think about Christianity, similar to that of the liberal media.


When educated man lost faith in formal religion, he required a substitute belief that would be as reputable in the last half of the twentieth century as Christianity was in the first. Psychology and psychiatry have now assumed that role.


Martin Gross from his book, "The Psychological Society"

We are living in the last days in saith the Scriptures.  We as Christians need to pray to God for people who work in organizations such as these or have been treated in organizations such as the APA.  Pray that God would open their hearts up to the His truths. 


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