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Rome Becomes The Dominate Religion in England


For the first time since the reformation in the UK, there are more members in Roman Catholicism than there are Anglicans.

In my news item "The Immigration War Against the US", I have asserted Rome as the main promoter and benefactor of massive illegal immigration in the United States.  But it's not the only country, we see the same thing happening in England but at more advanced level considering the UK is a smaller country. For the first time since the reformation, we see more Catholics attending mass than Anglicans attending their services.  About 500,000 immigrant Catholics are not part-time worshippers like so many Anglicans.  It has been reported that many of them are very devout Catholics with some going to mass not once but twice a week when they can. One Catholic assembly had to change the language of the mass and the attendance went through the roof as a result.  More than 1,000 people started to attend services each Sunday.  Thousands upon thousands of polish Catholics are coming to the UK every week. The benefits of this type of migration into the UK are critical as the population would favor the Vatican's political policies more as well as religious, thus creating more of an influence in the country.


 American illegal immigration and England's illegal immigration Have Many Similarities 


Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, the leader of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, has said he backed a government amnesty program and challenged the church to fulfill the needs of the illegal immigrants as well as the legal ones.  Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor went out to say the Catholic immigrants (who are illegal) are a value to England's community because he says, "90 percent of the low wage jobs" are taken by the immigrants.  The same argument we hear in the United States about allowing illegals to come into the country to fill unwanted jobs especially in the farming industry.  But that's not all, some illegals have prospered with higher paying jobs, it's the same in the United States.  Not all immigrants, illegal or not, are always looking to make the least amount of money, to say that there are is telling a myth.


As you can see, the Vatican has been very successful over the years in relocating Catholics to various countries around the world like England. Instead of seeing massive conversions within the country itself, we see a massive migration of Catholics into the the UK without seeing any real benefits for many of the illegals.  Yes, they take up the low paying jobs, and yes, some do in fact make more money but there is a reality check for many others.  You see, many of them do not even have the proper documents, also many of them don't understand English at all which puts them at a language barrier disadvantage, and also have no job to go to and nowhere to live. Unlike the United States where jobs are already available for them like in the farming industry and factories and so on.  Like I said, there are jobs for these illegals in Britain, but not as many as there would be say like in the United States.  This puts on more of a burden on Britain's taxpayers and American taxpayers too.  Because many of them are using the welfare system for benefits like education, health care, food, living, and so on. These costs overall are going through the roof at record levels in many cases have a profound negative impact on both economies.


It's no surprise since now Catholics outnumber Anglicans that we now see a major push for unity.  For many years Rome has been trying to unite all churches under one head. Rome's growing influence seems more obvious than ever.  Back in February 2007, a 42 page document (see report, click here) emerged between the two religions  (Anglicans and Catholics)  trying to find ways to unite under the Pope of Rome.


Christians should pray for these people for salvation, and for England, and for their countries as well. Their purpose should not be trying to unite with Rome but their main purpose should be being unite with God.


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