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The Criminal Activity Facing the Church in South Africa

South Africa a once peaceful nation to a degree, but now is one of the most violent nations in the world. The church there faces more danger now than ever before and it’s not only the violence, but the so-called; “hate crimes” which makes it against the law if a homosexual is denied to become a minister of the Gospel or to pass out a tract than says Christ is the only way, the truth and the light. In this article we are going to focus on the terrible and horrifying violence happening over there that the church has to face. The liberal media has been pretty silent on the matter often times neglecting on purpose the problems which are causing a once peaceful nation into a poor and very violent one. Even mainstream conservative media has said very little about it or nothing at all.

For many years the ANC had stirred up violence and carried it out often in a very brutal way, all in the name of "racism" to justify it's cause in attempts to bring down a government. While it's true the government was "racist" but the standard of living among blacks in a "racist" government was much better back then, than it is now under the control of the ANC and it's allies. Same with the white population. It's not to say a non-racist government which is black couldn't do better, no doubt they most likely could, but there is something very wrong with the new government that has been in power since 1994.  What I am about to display about the violence would be shocking especially if it happened in their neighborhoods. One has to remember, God is in control of everything, if God was not in control, things would be much worst.  The following is only just tiny bits of the total violence happening in that country.


The Latest Crime Spree in South Africa

In America, the tactic of a carjacker is normally uses a car to ram into their intended victim, causing them to stop and once that happens the carjackers close in and attack the victim. In South Africa carjackers have a different tactic, they normally throw concrete blocks at cars, causing the cars to stop and check the damage which is when the carjackers are able to get close enough to attack the victim or victims. In some cases the carjackers throw so many concrete blocks that it becomes an obstacle course where motorists are forced to sway in different directions in order to avoid the blocks. This tactic backfires on the carjackers because many motorists who crash into these blocks are grouped together.  The less people affected the easier it is to attack, but with more people in the same area, it makes the criminal act more difficult to impossible.

Speaking of the road, a young woman with her mother and young baby of 18 months old were traveling in South Africa to Durban. They have car trouble had to pull over to the side of the road. Two men approached the car with weapons demanding cell phones and anything else that was of value. After the two armed robbers got what they wanted, they began to leave the area. Thinking it's safe now, the young woman's mom decides to try and start the car. The two armed robbers come back and start shooting. Her mom was shot in the hand, and the young woman was shot in the hand also while the baby was shot in the back killing the poor infant. One has to question, what kind of men would shoot two women and a baby? It's seems the more brutal it is, the more they like it, such sinful wickedness!

The liberal media talk about torture all the time when a few troops side step procedure in the Iraqi war. The story of course when known makes front page news for weeks on end, sometimes lasts the story lasts for months. But the type of torture they are so upset about in Iraq is nothing compared to what is happening in South Africa. On the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province it became an afternoon of torture for one woman. Four black men broke into her home. She was grabbed by the hair and was forcibly pulled into the kitchen by one man while the other three men looked for things of value to steal. As the three men continue to search her home, the fourth man in the kitchen finds a knife and starts cutting off her hair. After he gets through cutting her hair, he starts slitting her hands. The fear in her eyes made him even more happy. “He pushed me against the counter and said that he wanted to hurt me,” the woman said. “He had his hand on my thigh and kept telling me he was going to rape me.


I told him to kill me instead but he said that he liked seeing women like me suffer. He continued whispering in my ear about all the things he wanted to do when his accomplices entered.” The three men wanted to leave with the stolen goods while the fourth man continued to be obsessed with the woman's fear. They argued in Zulu over the matter. He again turned his attention towards her and grabbed her arm and began twisting it. “He then picked up his knee and used it to hit me in the jaw. I had never experienced such pain in my life,” the woman said. He used a kitchen broom to repeatedly assault her. “He hit me with different things and after a while I blacked out.” When she woke up she found herself in a hospital with severe injuries. “The treatment is ongoing. I have had my jaw broken, a knee operation, and every time I look at the scars on my hands from the slits he made, I remember his wickedness,” she said.

A gang of black men assaulted a 79 year old white farmer near Kokstad. They stabbed him in the back and in the hand, then throw him into a truck where they drove him to homestead. There they forced him to open a safe and they took the firearms jewels and cash. While they were counting the cash, they told him to boil a kettle of water. When the cash wasn't the amount they had hoped to steal, they had plans on pouring the boiling water on him, but change their minds. Instead, tied him up with ropes and barbed wire. Five hours later the man was able to free himself and get medical care. The poor man, it was the second attack in two days The Lord spared their lives the woman and the 79 year old farmer both white and their attackers being black, but many thousands upon thousands have died at the hands of these brutal killers who lust after fear and pain from their victims.

The Latest Crime Statistics

According to National Police Chief Commissioner Jackie Selebi, murders were up by 2.4% in the past year, and aggravated robberies by 4.6%. Armed robberies in homes were up by 25.4%. He admitted that house robberies are a problem, saying: “This is where the rapes, child abuse and vehicle hijackings take place. We’ll have to do something about it.” (The Witness, July 4, 2007). Yes, you will, Sir, and you should have done something about it a long, long time ago. You didn’t then, and we don’t expect much will be done now either. Bank robberies were up by a staggering 118%. Business robberies were up by 52.5%. Cash-in-transit heists were up by 21.9%. Truck hijackings were up by 7.6%. Car hijackings were up by 6%. Commercial crimes went up 12.6%.


From April 2001 until April 2007, 119 322 people have been murdered in South Africa and there have been more than three million victims just of assault. The world average for murder is five per 100 000 of the population, but in South Africa it is 40,5 per 100 000, i.e. eight times the world average. In spite of this, Nqakula [the Minster of Safety and Security] says that crime is under control and the outlook appears to be rosy. As long as the minister stays in this state of denial, crime will not be properly combated.”

Shaun Willcock who runs Bible Based Ministries in South Africa


In Conclusion

Crime in South Africa is not under control, it's been out of control for quite some time. In a way, it's not surprising considering the ANC were conducting terrorists activities for many years, see violence as weapon to control the population. Many whites have left South Africa, as a result of reverse racism going on and the violence. It's not to say that South Africa can't be lead by a black majority in a peaceful manner and prosper as some might disagree, but they have the wrong type of leadership, too many blacks committing crimes, just too many crimes over all.


It sad when a racist government was in power, that the standard of living for blacks were much better than the type of leadership they have now. As you can see, Christian churches and missionaries are living in a battlefield, because you never know what will happen if your car stalls or that your house gets broken into, or if you are old preaching the Gospel what kind of target you will be. However, not all is lost, there is light at the end of the tunnel. God is in control of everything, whatever happens to a believer does happen for a reason. It doesn't excuse the sinful behavior of those who try to the harm the church or the population at large because God will punish them! The churches around the world should pray for those lost souls who need God's forgiveness and faith according to His Will and the church and missionaries still in South Africa today!



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