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ACLU Sues School On Behalf of Some Parents To Ban Bibles


For many years, the Gideons International representatives would give out pamphlets to 5th graders asking the kids and their parents if they would like a free pocket size Bible. The distribution if accepted by the parents was conducted during off hours such as lunch hours, or before and after school, never were the Bibles issued during class time. In 2005, a few parents complained about the Bibles being distributed, but the school board voted 4-3 to continue the practice.

The ACLU a very liberal anti-Christian organization. It's goals are mainly to take free of speech concerning Christianity out of public areas. But it's liberal ideals don't stop there, it's softness on crime, and terrorism has also been labeled as; "Anti-American" and rightfully so. The situation of free Bible distribution authorized by parents by accepting the offer was brought to the ACLU attention, and a lawsuit was brought against the school. This in turn prompted a Judge a preliminary injunction barring the South Iron R-I School District in Annapolis from “allowing distribution of Bibles to elementary school children on school property at any time during the day.” 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis upheld the decision by the lower court. The ACLU continue to press for more as they wanted a  permanent injunction banning the Bible distribution program. The school board realizing there were not going to win in court, decided to vote against the free Bible distribution program so it was discontinued. Some months later, U.S. District Judge Catherine Perry on January 8, 2008  granted a permanent injunction.

There are a few questions that linger in this case. Does parents who accept offers from religious or Christian organizations have the right to accept or reject free material such as Bibles? After all, this group would not give free Bibles on off hours to students who's parents rejected the offer. Is giving out free Bibles teaching about religion or Christianity in the public schools?  Kids are subjected to mythology in the classrooms as they learn about Roman and Greek gods in their history lessons, and that is a religion. This case, is clearly an attack on freedom of speech, and usurps the authority of parents. I would have deemed it distressing if the parents were not involved in the decision making or order to obtain a free Bible on school grounds. One has to agree, teaching about religion or Christianity shouldn't be part of a student's study in government schools because more than likely there would be liberal special interest groups who are not Christian who would be teaching the kids. No Christian parent would want that. But as far as just giving out Bibles for free with the parents permission, there is nothing wrong with that but there is something wrong with a ban on the practice!



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