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 Illegal Immigration Updates


Since the article "The Illegal Immigration War on America" first came out as it detailed the religious and secular forces behind the movement, there has been array of public polices debated and news in general. Former President Bush has sided with various supporters of illegal immigration like the Vatican, Mexico and various communists groups. He has endorsed a bill that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. However, the bill went flat and eventually died for now as the public showed their opposition.  With the election of President Obama who wants to take illegal immigration a step further by providing such expensive benefits as universal heath care to all non-citizens, which in turn, encourages more people to cross the US border illegally. This issue has become more important than ever before.



The media harps over and over again, that  "businesses are in a terrible bind" but in reality they are taking advantage of the cheap labor costs. With solid immigration laws enforced and more stronger deterrents made in protecting the border of the US, while rewarding legal immigration would be the solution to solve those business problems. The Vatican endorses illegal immigration and who has helped thousands of non-citizens break the law in the United States because most of them are Roman Catholics.



Latest News Bits


Economy Affecting Illegal Immigration

August 15, 2009


 The number of illegal immigrants living in Arizona has plunged by one-third in the past two years amid a dismal job market and stiffer enforcement of immigration laws, according to researchers who released a new report.

Arizona saw the largest decline of any state, according to researchers at the Center for Immigration Studies, whose report shows that the nation's undocumented population fell nearly 14 percent from the summer of 2007 to the first quarter of this year, following years of steady growth.



Maryland Says "No" To Aid For  Non-Citizens

May 22, 2009


Sadly, illegal immigrants who are students will still be able to go to college in Maryland, but will have to higher tuition rates because the Assembly effectively killed a bill that proposed to grant them in-state rates if they lived in the area.


Governor of Georgia: Sonny Perdue signs Bill

April 23, 2009

From  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


 Georgia’s crackdown on illegal immigration will continue if Gov. Sonny Perdue signs into law a measure approved by the General Assembly requiring more jail checks that could lead to deportation. “That is a deterrent, in and of itself, to people coming into Georgia or remaining here illegally,” said D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, a Marietta-based anti-illegal immigration group, and a supporter of the legislation. The measure, House Bill 2, updates sections of the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, a comprehensive crackdown on illegal immigration in Georgia. It is awaiting Perdue’s signature.

TOPICS: Illegal Immigration, illegal immigrants, Gov. Sonny Perdue , deportation, House Bill 2, Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, illegal immigration in Georgia, check legal status, report any illegal immigrants, enforce immigration law, Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway, Gwinnett booked about 13,000 foreign-born inmates,federal agents, Georgia law already requires jailers to check legal status and report any illegal immigrants charged with a felony, DUI or driving without a license. Under House Bill 2, jailers also would be required to alert federal agents when they encounter an illegal immigrant charged with misdemeanors of a “high and aggravated nature.”



Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman Has Signed An Important Illegal Immigration Bill.

April 10, 2009


From AP News...

"Nebraska has crafted a targeted and reasonable response that will ensure that benefits from state and local agencies are preserved for those that truly qualify," Heineman said.
 It's now time for the federal government to develop a comprehensive solution to the illegal-immigration challenge, he said. The measure hasn't escaped criticism. Some lawmakers have questioned what the bill will accomplish when federal law already prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving most state benefits.

"I don't know that this bill in the long run will solve specific, drawn-out problems that we have ... but the people wanted us to move and to compromise on something, and that's exactly what happened," Sen. Mike Friend of Omaha said at the signing ceremony.
Lawmakers last week passed the bill that Sen. Russ Karpisek of Wilber had introduced on Heineman's behalf. Initially, it sought to require that state and local agencies verify that those seeking public benefits are legal residents. The amended measure will additionally require public employers and contractors to check their employees' legal status once hired, using the federal Internet-based system E-Verify or an equivalent federal system, should it be replaced. It will not repeal a law that lets some children of illegal immigrants pay in-state tuition rates at a state college or university."



Businesses Under Pressure In Indiana

Feb 19, 2009


Companies looking for cheap labor in Indiana could get their licenses revoked if they are repeat offenders according to a new bill recently passed. Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, supports legislation to punish companies hiring illegal workers. He noted that the legislation saves the toughest punishments for companies that knowingly and repeatedly hire illegal workers. The bill now moves to the full Republican-led Senate for consideration. But even if it clears the Senate, it may struggle in the Democratic-controlled House.



Columbia County Judge Ruling Places New Law On Hold

Feb 2, 2009


 Attorneys representing the ACLU received a favorable ruling that places a law which will penalize employers who hire illegal immigrants.

"Columbia County Circuit Judge Ted Grove ruled in favor of a preliminary injunction on the law adopted in December as the result of a voter-approved measure on Nov. 4. The measure and resulting ordinance establishes financial penalties up to $10,000 and, in some cases, license revocations for any employer who knowingly hires an illegal immigrant. Now, Grove is weighing arguments filed by ACLU attorneys that the ordinance poses numerous conflicts with state and federal immigration law, is unconstitutional and exceeds the county's legislative authority to enforce. Grove is expected to return a summary judgment within 60 days on whether to invalidate the law, uphold it, or pose a mixture of both."


45 Illegals Were Arrested in Denver and Wyoming

Feb 2, 2009


In a sting operation conducted by ICE for those who failed to obey deportation orders or didn't appear at their hearings. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Friday the three-day roundup by its Fugitive Operations Team began Tuesday. ICE says 28 of the people arrested had criminal records, including convictions for car theft, sexual assault of a child and resisting arrest. ICE says most of the people arrested had deportation orders.



Police Chief At Odds With New Immigration Law

January 14, 2009


A new will go into effect July 1, 2009 in the state of Utah that will enable citizens to bring about lawsuits against law enforcements agencies as a result of lack enforcement of illegal immigrant laws. The Police Chief in Utah has a problem with it, citing a witch hunt for illegals, and using the lawsuits to check if people are legal or not. He also is concerned that illegals will not call the police if they need help or are assisting someone who needs help if their is a chance of them being deported. Poor excuses by the Police Chief there who should realize it's against the law to come across the borders illegally. His job should be enforcing those laws as well as the rest.


Illegals Are Finding It Tough In America's Slow Economy

December 12, 2008

Construction jobs were plentiful about two or more years ago, but since bad loans from banks where people were trying to profit off of the housing boom (both sides to a certain degree where guilty of being greedy), money got very tight and so did buying new homes. In the construction business which have pretty good paying jobs, many have used illegal immigrants for their cheap labor. Now these same illegal immigrants are having trouble finding a steady job. Even legal immigrants are finding it very different right now in America as the economy slows. Social service agencies that serve immigrants report seeing more clients who are jobless and hungry.


November 2, 2008

Obama's Relative Found To Be An Illegal Immigrant

Instead of deporting Obama's Aunt who is living in the United States illegally, the government is conducting an investigation on whether or not there were any laws broken as a result of leaking the story to the press. Homeland Security by law is not allowed to reveal anyone's immigration status.


November 1, 2008

Obama's Aunt: Onyango Is an Illegal Alien

Mentioned in Obama's book, "My Father's Dreams" who also lives lives in a disabled-access flat on a rundown public housing estate in South Boston...

"Is in the United States illegally after an immigration judge rejected her request for asylum four years ago, The Associated Press has learned." Zeituni Onyango, 56, referred to as "Aunti Zeituni" in Obama's memoir, was instructed to leave the United States by a U.S. immigration judge who denied her asylum request, a person familiar with the matter told the AP late Friday. This person spoke on condition of anonymity because no one was authorized to discuss Onyango's case...The AP could not reach Onyango immediately for comment. No one answered the telephone number listed in her name late Friday. It was unclear why her request for asylum was rejected in 2004."

No response as of yet from the Obama camp, but now we know why Miss Onyango refused to talk to the press until after the election.


October 17, 2008

Federal Judge Strikes Down Voter ID

"A federal judge denied a request by voting rights groups to stop Georgia from asking new voters to prove their identities and citizenship, saying Thursday that halting the checks could harm the integrity of the Nov. 4 election." It's just amazing how liberals try to use voter incompetence as an excuse not to weed out fraud in the election. If this year's election is very close, it's quite possible illegals who vote could have a say in the outcome in determining the President of the United States.


October 17, 2008

Cheese Company Sued By Illegal Immigrants


"A federal lawsuit accuses a financially ailing Tennessee cheese company of mistreating 12 illegal immigrant employees and having them wrongly arrested at their jobs in Manchester when they demanded back pay." In this case, both sides are wrong, the company should have never hired illegals in the first place even though it was to save the company money. Secondly, using their status in order to save even more money by not paying for their labor was wrong too. However, illegal immigrants do not have labor law rights so they should not be able to sue. A massive fine would be order for this company to pay so the next time it is not going to waste it's money on illegals or try to abuse them. And the 12 illegals who were caught working there should be deported.


October 6, 2008

A True Story of Illegal Who Couldn't Find Work


Elizabeth Weber came legally to the United States with her family. Her temporary vista expired and decided to remain in the US illegally. Life was not easy for jobs. In interview, Mrs Weber stated; "It was hard. I would find a job and then they would check and find out I didn't have the right papers to work and then they would fire me. Then I would have to find another job and hope that they wouldn't check and that I would be OK for a while. And sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.


And sometimes I was just there for three months and then they would check and they would say, "You don't have the right papers to be here. You are a great worker, but you don't have the papers we need. If you get the right papers we will give you the job back, because we like the way you work. You are very responsible and a hard worker, but this way we can't keep you. We have to let you go." And I cried. I felt terrible because I never got fired from a job anywhere. And I feel like, "I am not doing anything wrong." (weeping)."   Mrs Weber like so many illegals think it's a right to cross a border of another country illegally. I don't blame her for wanting a better life for her family, but a country does have a right to control their own borders, perhaps she should have tried to immigrate legally instead of illegally.


September 30, 2008

9th Circuit Court Reframes from Overturning Employer Sanction Law


Business and Hispanic groups challenged the law on the grounds that it oversteps the state's authority to regulate immigration, an argument that was rejected by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a ruling released today. The law imposes a civil penalty on businesses that knowingly hire illegal workers. Violating the law could cause a business's licenses to be suspended or revoked. The liberal court of appeals did leave the door open for future challenges of the law. Stating that no businesses have been prosecuted in the nearly nine months while the law has been on the books and specifically pointing out that future challenges will not be controlled by the decision.


Evacuation of Hurricane Gustav Helps Illegals

September 1, 2008

So-called churches contact ICE with their concerns over arrests of illegal immigrants when evacuating New Orleans. ICE when out of it's way to announce they will not be enforcing immigration laws while people were leaving the area. "The Department of Homeland Security's top priorities in any emergency are life-saving and life-sustaining activities. We want to ensure the safe and swift evacuation of all individuals in the affected region," Nantel added.


Controversy over Illegal Receiving Free Health Care

August 21, 2008

Francisco Pantaleon an illegal alien fell into a coma last July. He has been receiving care ever since. The hospital wants to discharge him as his condition stabilized, and transfer him over to a long term care facility for coma patients. But the controversy lies where the hospital wants to transfer him which is a long term care facility not in the United States but Mexico. Francisco Pantaleon's family is outrage and has hired a lawyer to block the transfer. The lawyer for the family is now arguing that Mr Francisco happens to be an "immigrant who is in need of desperate medical attention round the clock." The interesting part there is, Mexico has universal health care, so he would be covered, but apparently they feel in the United States where there no universal health care would be better. So they are insisting this illegal alien get free long term health care around the clock at the expensive of hard paying taxpayers who are legal in the US.


Mexican Pot Farms in US

August 11, 2008

Mexican drug cartels are using US land to grow millions upon millions of dollars worth of marijuana in what is considered to be one of America's treasures, SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST in California. Ten thousand marijuana plants were found in steep terrain. The worth of these plants on the street is about 40 million dollars. A federal, state and county law enforcement initiative called Operation LOCCUST has eradicated 420,000 marijuana plants here worth more than $1 billion on the street.


Three Illegals have a total of 69 arrests

August 08, 2008

Border Patrol agents in Yuma arrested three illegal aliens with extensive criminal histories and immigration violations in two separate incidents Wednesday. A fingerprint check identified him as Juan Francisco-Flores and revealed a criminal history originating in the late 1980s. Included were assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting injury upon spouse, driving under the influence and drug offenses. Francisco-Flores was also previously deported from the United States. Silvio Arrellano-Estrada, a criminal alien with history beginning in the 1990s, was found to have three previous arrests for various forms of theft including shoplifting and vehicle theft, as well re-entry after deportation. Velasquez-Morales reportedly has multiple illegal entry offenses and has been formally removed from the U.S. eight times.


US Border Patrol Attacked

July 30, 2007


Trying to arrest 5 illegal immigrants. The US Border Patrol agent was attacked with rocks. Injuries included a 5 inch cut on his forehead as the shower of rocks were thrown at him by the US/Mexican border. The five suspects got away as a result of the attack. Since Oct 1, there has been 201 attacks in the same area.



Lawyer Briefs Illegal Immigrants to Remain Silent

July 30, 2007


Atty Robert Reeves from the United States, is the founder of a law firm that specializes in immigration and deportation, illegal immigrants still have the right “to remain silent" regarding their place of birth or nationality. Reeves made the statement amid the recent crackdown of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on illegal immigrants in several states in the US including California.



Three Citizens file Unique Lawsuit in Kentucky

July 23, 2008


In a federal lawsuit, three Kentuckians claim in a federal lawsuit that Lexington is a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and it breaks the law by failing to verify citizenship before providing cancer screening, pregnancy tests and other services. The lawsuit was filed without lawyers, and the three Kentuckians are not lawyers themselves. "Federal funds are thrown around here without anybody being held accountable," said David Duncan, one of the three who signed the lawsuit. "This can be applied as a template throughout the country." Both sides of the issue way in on the case, saying my other citizens will use their example as a way to fight illegal immigration, while others say the case will be dismissed.



81 Illegals Arrested For Gang Activity

July 23, 2008


One of the biggest gang busting operations to date, 20 ICE agents, assisted by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and Escondido Police Department, fanned out across communities in the North County and several other communities within the San Diego. "This crackdown on street violence demonstrates ICE's commitment to protecting our communities from the escalating public safety threats linked to gang activities," said Miguel Unzueta, special agent in charge of ICE investigations in San Diego. "ICE will continue to collaborate with our law enforcement partners to prevent street gangs from thriving in San Diego neighborhoods." The 81 illegals arrested in the operation are facing numerous counts from both state and federal laws.



Illegal Immigrant tried to get an Important Job

July 18, 2008


In Butler OH county, an illegal tried to get a job at the Sheriff's Office. Police say Genesis Mahelet Garcia-Garcia, 25, wanted to obtain a background check for the purpose of gaining employment. He went to the public assistance window and filled out the paperwork using a fraudulent name and date of birth.  She then passed a fraudulent Illinois Identification Card and Social Security Card to the clerk. The clerk immediately recognized the cards as fraudulent. She now faces two counts of forgery and one count of identity fraud. She was booked into the Butler County Jail, but faces deportation back to Mexico after she answers to her state charges.



Employers battle new laws targeting illegal immigration

July 8, 2008


Business groups have resisted measures that would revoke the licenses of employers of illegal immigrants. They are proposing alternatives that would revise federal rules for verifying the identity documents of new hires and would expand programs to bring in legal immigrant laborers. In Oklahoma, chambers of commerce went to federal court and last month won an order suspending sections of a 2007 state law that would require employers to use a federal database to check the immigration status of new hires. In California, businesses have turned to elected officials to lobby federal immigration authorities against raiding long-established companies.



Federal Judge Claims Using False Social Security Number is Not Breaking Law


July 8, 2008


Juan Luis Dardon-Canelo and Andres Loarca-Reynoso, along with three others were caught using false social security numbers, and pleaded guilty for using false ID to gain a job here in the United States. U.S. District Judge Harry S. Mattice’s helps the defense with his revelation that Social Security cards are not necessarily valid forms of identification. “This is an issue that will have to be decided by a higher court,” Judge Mattice said. “I’m not sure you can base this charge on a false Social Security card.” More and more illegals are using  social security cards only because the punishment is less serve for getting caught.



Good Shepherd Used As a Place to Pick up Illegals for Work

July 2, 2008


There is a practiced conducted by the local newspaper in AZ, which is taking pictures of illegal labor that normally gathers at Good Shepherd which is Episcopal (pretty similar to Roman Catholic doctrine and policies such as illegals). A judge made it legal for those sneaking over the border, to gather there so they can look for work as he struck down the anti-solicitation ordinance. 



New York Mayor Condemns Restrictions on Illegals

July 1, 2008


After speaking about how to get kids into math and science, he started speaking about a short term situation of an engineer shortage by importing the talent from other countries. He referred to restrictions on immigration as "insane" and often times has been critical of attempts to limit massive illegal immigration claiming that is the only way the American economy can survive. 



Many are Protesting a Raid on a Houston Company

June 27, 2008


Dozens protested against an immigration raid on an east Houston exporting company where 160 people were arrested, KPRC Local 2 reported Thursday. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said the raid at Action Rags USA Wednesday was a success. Some called the bust into question, claiming some of the workers panicked and were hurt.
Protesters outside Mickey Leland Federal Building in downtown Houston carried signs and chanted slogans. They said they were especially outraged because 60 to 70 percent of the people arrested were women.



Mexican Gangs Make Big Bucks off of Illegal Immigration

June 25, 2008


The going rate for crossing into the United States illegal is now around 4,000 to 15,000 dollars.  It has been estimated that Mexican gangs who are collecting these fees have help traffic more than 500,000 illegals into the United States. The profits are from this operation are averaging in the billions for gangs. Not all the illegals are from Mexico, it includes other countries as well such as; South America, the Caribbean and Central America.  A human rights organization is pushing for more harsher penalties against the gangs but it is highly unlikely that the Mexico government will crack down more severely on this business.



California Proposal Would Limit Documented Immigrants' Medicaid Benefits

June 25, 2008


With many budget problems in the State of California as it has a debt of 15 billion dollars, Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed plan would affect preventive health care services through Medi-Cal, the state's Medicaid program, for documented immigrants who have had green cards for fewer than five years. This would be legal immigrants in the same class as illegals who would be covered only in a case of an emergency. The plan would save taxpayer's money by 87 million dollars.



Some of Utah's Costs For Illegal Immigration

June 21, 2008


Roughly 300 illegals are spending time in Utah's State prison. It is costing taxpayers there almost 8 million dollars to house, health care, and feed them. Utah Department of Corrections tries to downplay the additional expense with criminals who are not citizens, claiming it's really not that much...However,  it's costs 23,000 dollars a year to maintain someone behind bars which is a lot of money for any taxpayer.



Raid nets 50 suspected illegal immigrants

June 19, 2008

Agents raided at least three businesses owned by restaurant entrepreneur Stanley Wang on Tuesday, including The New Famous Chinese Restaurant in Nashville, Chef Wang's in Murfreesboro and the Famous Chinese Restaurant in Smyrna.  About 50 illegal immigrants were arrested in Tennessee. Nationalities include the People's Republic of China, El Salvador, Guatemala, Malaysia and Indonesia. Some suspects picked that were arrested could face federal court prosecution for any law violations not related to immigration, the rest will be deported.



After Public Funding was Cut, Private Citizens Donate to Help Fight Illegals.

June 14, 2008

Last month, news spread all over the county that governor Janet Napolitano said she was going to cut funds for fighting illegal immigration, and use the 1.2 million dollars to create a special squad which deals with fugitive felons. The citizens reacted by giving $25,000 dollars to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office to help fight people who illegally cross the border. "Isn't it sad that the public has to come forward (with money)?" Arpaio said. "It makes me very disturbed and sad, to be honest."



Tragic: Six Year Old Girl Killed by an Illegal Immigrant

June 13, 2008

With the various research I have done in the past to update this page with news bits on the issue of illegal immigration all over the United States, this story really hits close to home. On June 11, 2008, I was driving one day past a park where normally I have walked through many times for some exercise. As I was driving past, I happened to see some emergency vehicles directing traffic as barricades where being placed on the side of the road. Two days later I go by the same park and see flowers right by the bus stop where I seen the emergency vehicles parked two days before. Normally someone usually put those types of flowers on a grave site.  It finally dawned on me, someone had died there, and sure enough I learn that a mother was hit by a truck and survived, but her six year daughter was killed. Apparently, the person was driving a red dump truck was driving too fast, and there were four witnesses who are split on what color the light was. Two said it was red and the other two said the light was green. In any case, the driver hit the mother and daughter.  His license had been previously revoked because he was caught once already as an illegal immigrant. He was then sent back last February to Mexico only to sneak across the borders once again and found a job in my locality. The driver also has been convicted twice for driving while under the influence.


He is currently being charged with driving with a revoked license, causing death, which convicted will face 2 to 20 years in prison. Quite frankly, he should spend the rest of his life in prison.


The UN is Investigating the US For it's Crackdown on Illegals

June 09, 2008


The UN has plans to send a "special investigator" to visit Northern Virginia county sometime during this week. Apparently, the UN is looking for any human rights violations. It is the belief that the UN is very dismayed with many of the crackdowns on illegal immigrants occurring in the United States. The United Nations has been a long time supporter of open borders which don't have any requirements or restrictions.


620 Pounds of Drugs Found at the Border

June 08, 2008


Seventy-eight illegal immigrants with thousands of dollars and hundreds of pounds of cocaine in their possession were arrested in Amarillo Texas along I-40. Police said nationalities consisted of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. Most were sent back to Mexico and the rest were detained for further processing.



Judge Strikes Down Federal Employee Verification System Penalties

June 5, 2008


U.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthron issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of provisions of the law that subject employers to penalties for failing to comply with a federal employee verification system in the state of Oklahoma. "Through harsh civil penalties, the Oklahoma law unfairly shifts the burden of immigration enforcement from government onto the backs of business," Robin Conrad, executive vice president of the U.S. Chamber, said in statement.


Over 6,000 residents in EL PASO, Texas Sign A Petition

June 3, 2008


Residents in the El Paso, Texas area has signed a petition that demands the construction of the border fence should stop, and comprehensive reform of the nation's immigration policy should be installed. The petition was gathered by Border Network for Human Rights agency which advocates massive illegal immigration. El Paso county has in the past, challenged Homeland Security by passing a resolution and two lawsuits against the federal government for waving 30 environmental laws, so the border fence could be built. 



Catholic Group in Texas Organizing Sanctuary

May 27, 2008


A Catholic group has been creating a network for illegal immigrants by finding them places to live, provide food and health care benefits. The act of civil disobedience, is strongly promoted..."We are the new Sanctuary Movement in San Antonio," said group member Victor Ruiz, 63, who works for the immigration division of Catholic Charities. "If immigrants need help, we will do all we can to help them out." Using a code name "Romo" which stands for a Toribio Romo, a Mexican priest who was killed in the 1920s and later canonized as a saint. Once this this code name is said to a member of the network, the illegal proceeds to get sanctuary. Other networks in other parts of the country are doing similar things..."What they're doing over there is incredibly powerful," said Kristin Kumpf, a national organizer with Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago and a national spokeswoman for the New Sanctuary Movement. "I'm grateful that people of faith in San Antonio are welcoming our immigrant brothers and sisters."


McCain Remains the Same on Immigration Reform

May 26, 2008

Presidential hopeful John McCain told business leaders who are complaining about legal immigration's slow process of getting enough qualified workers for their businesses, that reform is going to be his main priority once he was elected to office. The bill induced last summer by McCain was opposed greatly on the grassroots level as it would legalize many who already crossed the border illegally while paying a small fine in return and the deportation of one from each of the families who would have to remain in their own country for a year before legally coming back. The reasoning behind this bill argue that it's impossible to deport 12 million - 20 million illegal immigrants. The bill was killed last summer because of the opposition which some blaming conservative radio as the main reason for it's demise. McCain since then has raised the issue again, saying the US must address what to do with illegals now.



Amnesty Bill For Illegals was Added on to the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2008

May 26, 2008


The Senate Appropriations Committee attempted to sneak in an Amnesty Bill which was added to the funding for the war in Iraq. The bill was passed 17-12 by the Appropriations Committee. Robert Byrd (D-W.VA) described it as “an emergency supplemental...for meeting critical needs here in America.” The Amnesty bill would allow 3 million illegal agricultural workers and their families for at least the next five years. It's not as dire as Robert Byrd puts it, the US already an H-2A Ag worker program which provides plenty of temporary foreign nationals to U.S. growers. But unlike the illegals, the legal foreign nationals have to agree upon on a decent wage. And the workers must go home at the end of the season. It was a disgrace by the Senate Committee to attach amnesty for illegals in another bill which supports the very troops tasked with defending our nation. But there is good news, the provision was stripped from the bill as the public got wind of it, many calls against the Amnesty for illegals flooded the Capital.



Seventeen Illegal Immigrants were caught during an ICE Raid

May 23, 2008


 Seventeen illegals were caught during the raid in the Canal area of San Rafael. Some were outraged over the raid because of the impact it might have on the children. The children however were being taking care of as their parents were processed by the authorities. Since last year ICE has been stepping up it's raids. ICE has arrested more than 1,600 illegals in the Northern part of California since last Oct 1, 2008. 1,000 of those captured were already caught at least once before while 300 of them had criminal records.



Four Companies Accused of Arranging Fraudulent Marriages

May 23, 2008


More than 80 illegals were arrested in taking part in fake marriage accompanied by fake pictures, and wedding cakes. The going rate for these fake weddings was 10,000 dollars which came with teaching the illegal immigrant on how to pass custom checkpoints. Immigration Services officials who review each citizenship-conferring marriage suspected foul play and contacted US authorities. All four companies who helped with the scam were based in Orlando Florida. More arrests are expected soon.



Federal Program Pays For Housing But Doesn't Deport

May 20, 2008


Frederick County was given 41,805 dollars for housing 140 illegal immigrants. The Justice Dept  bought kitchen equipment, inmate uniforms and a van for its community labor program. Even though it was claimed that ICE will deport those crossing the US border illegally, Lt. Col. Steve Rau said ICE did not deport criminal aliens in previous years the county received SCAAP funds. The various agencies and country officials have made this program highly flawed, and a waste of taxpayer's money because it doesn't enforce the laws on immigration.


North Carolina Reverses It's Decision

May 16, 2008


Last November the State provided free admissions at community colleges at the expense of taxpayers for illegal immigrants. Officials just recent reversed the policy, which would not allow the State to provide free education to a certain degree for those crossing the borders illegally. However, illegal immigrants are still allowed to attend non-degree programs and those currently in the system can continue. Some like the PAC declare this a victory, but it's just a drop in the bucket, yet this reversal is considered the toughest policy in the nation. Only legal immigrants should have the opportunity to attend colleges in the US.


St. Bridget Catholic 'Church' is a Safe Haven for Illegals

May 15, 2008


"God bless this man he only came here to work and provide for his family. I know he is illegal but becoming legal is not easy its extremely expensive and takes very long in some cases it takes up to ten years! I support these hard workers and i am willing to help!!!"


Hundreds flock to St. Bridget in Iowa to avoid being captured by the authorities and being deported back to their own countries respectively. One illegal worker describes how he escaped, and headed to the "safe haven" where sleeping in the pews was the best option. Food is provided for free by the members of St. Bridget. Since the media attention of this particular place with it's function, many are wondering why the police haven't rounded all those illegal immigrants hiding there who generally have forged documents, or stealing someone's identity.


Meat Packing Plant in Iowa

May 12, 2008


A raid was conducted on the meat packing company which resulted in 700 arrests. The raid also sparked concern among special interest groups who are fighting for illegal immigration rights. The meeting was held at the 'Queen of Peace Catholic Church' in Iowa after a noon mass in Spanish.  Handouts were given out which contained detailed information on what to do if they are caught as illegals or someone whom they know are caught as illegals and also provided contact for lawyers whom might represent them in Iowa. 


Databases to check workers' legal status

May 09, 2008


Rep Ryan of Wisconsin introduced a counter bill that create a system which checks for immigration status. ""We think we've come up with a good solution that applies 21st-century technology, that looks out for the rights of individuals and that gives employers what they need in order to make sure they have a safe and secure legal work force," Ryan said. It appears, no bill will be passed this year in regards to background checks of employees.


Catholic organizations Protest Bill

May 08, 2008


There have been over 1,100 bills all over the country this year, which have been dealing with the issue of illegal immigration. But little has been done, even the Congressional Hispanic Caucus April 23 called the Democratic leadership "spineless" for not taking up comprehensive immigration reform. Speaking of bills, a signed letter by various Catholic organizations are protesting a bill introduced in Congress that would force immigrant families to live in a detention center until their immigration cases are resolved. Generally, the United States is hard on those trying to come to this country legally, and are much easier on those who cross the border illegally. This promotes massive illegal immigration.


US Companies Continue to Look For Cheap Labor

May 08, 2008


Despite 7 million Americans out of work, and 5 million more who had to settle for part time jobs in April 2008, there are still some US companies who are complaining about a shortage of workers and as a result, these companies are looking for cheap labor coming across the border illegally. Also, with the raising costs of energy, raw materials, and food costs some companies are looking more towards cheap labor (which includes illegals) in order to cut operating costs.


Checking legal status not pricey, sheriff says

May 08, 2008

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins is disputing a report released Tuesday that places an annual price tag of $3.2 million on a program that allows his deputies to check the immigration status of everyone arrested in Frederick County. ''Much of it is not factual information," said Jenkins (R) on Wednesday. ''The costs are absolutely not true. ... I absolutely dispute it." Jenkins stands by his claim that his department's participation in the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement program will cost county taxpayers nothing extra. ''There are no significant costs," he said. Earlier this year, Jenkins enrolled 26 of his deputies, 16 of whom work at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, in training to participate in the federal program, known as 287G.



BENTON COUNTY : Van stop snares 12 illegal aliens

May 07, 2008


A 19-year-old van driver likely faces a federal human trafficking charge after he was stopped along Interstate 540 by a Benton County sheriff 's deputy and found with 12 illegal aliens in the back of the vehicle, police said Wednesday. The driver of the van, Osvaldo Cruz-Arellanes, told police he was being paid to smuggle the 12 occupants to Chicago, Memphis, Pennsylvania, Virginia and other locations, the sheriff's office said in a news release. Deputy Corey Coggin wrote in a report that the 12 people were "packed" in the back of the van, with some of them "balled up lying on the floor."



Illegal Immigrant Linked to Terrorism

May 2, 2008


Nada Prouty, the Lebanese immigrant who parlayed a sham marriage into U.S. citizenship and key jobs at the FBI and CIA, worked on several counter-terrorism investigations, including the 2000 bombing of the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen, her lawyer said in court documents Thursday. "Nada Nadim Prouty accepts full responsibility for her actions and is deeply sorry for her misconduct," attorney Thomas Cranmer of Troy wrote in a 32-page sentencing memo filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit, for her sentencing May 13. Thursday's filing offered the first details of what the former Taylor resident did for the government.

"With her language skills and cultural background, Ms. Prouty made invaluable contributions working on highly sensitive and often dangerous counter-terrorism cases," Cranmer wrote, urging U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn to sentence her to probation rather than 6-12 months in prison as recommended by federal sentencing guidelines. Seventeen sailors were killed in the Oct. 12, 2000, suicide attack on the Navy guided missile destroyer U.S.S. Cole. Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Chadwell said he couldn't comment on Cranmer's filing. Prouty pleaded guilty in November to accessing a classified FBI computer system to find out whether she or her family members -- including brother-in-law Talal Chahine, fugitive owner of the La Shish restaurant chain -- were being investigated for terrorist activities and to obtain information about Hizballah investigations.

"At no time did she ever compromise or jeopardize the integrity of her case assignments through improper behavior or inappropriate conduct," Cranmer said, adding that CIA polygraph tests confirmed that Prouty did not pose a threat to national security....She also helped investigate the 2002 assassination of U.S. AID diplomat Lawrence Foley in Jordan and helped link the slaying to Abu Musab al-Zarkqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

After joining the CIA in 2003, Cranmer said, she worked in Baghdad following the American invasion. "Through the sixth month of her pregnancy, Ms. Prouty was in the streets of a city at war in order to protect the American forces fighting there," Cranmer wrote. "On a number of occasions, she was trapped out side the safety of the U.S. Green Zone and was fired on before she was exfiltrated to safety." Prouty resigned from the CIA last November before pleading guilty in Detroit. In pleading guilty, she surrendered her U.S. citizenship and agreed to be deported, though she likely will be allowed to stay in the U.S. because of the jobs she held at the FBI and CIA, authorities said.

Although authorities said there was no evidence that Prouty was a Hizballah operative, the episode raised questions about how she cleared multiple federal background checks to acquire U.S. citizenship and land jobs at two of the nation's most sensitive intelligence agencies without someone discovering that she had engaged in citizenship fraud....



Texas wants to introduce tougher laws on Illegals


In response to a major illegal immigration bust where hundreds were arrested at Pilgrim Pride plants who were using false social security numbers. State Representative Leo Berman calls for tougher actions to stop people from crossing the US border illegally. 


North Carolina Debates Illegal Immigration


The House wants to vote on the limitations on how far an employer should check for illegal immigrants. Vote expected soon. North Carolina recently the past few years have been one of controversies about illegal aliens. In 2007, a law was passed that community colleges must accept illegal aliens unlike past years where they could be prohibited. Those in favor of the law say it's needed to keep crime down and also the United States needs to give these students who are in the country illegally, a good education.


The Virtual Fence To Help Secure the Border is no longer a Reality


The 20 million dollar high tech fence between AZ and Mexico which had many problems concerning production in the past. Recently, the "Virtual Fence" project has been declared as scrap and will not be used says the US Department of Homeland Security.



US Attorney Sets His Own Border Patrol Laws


John Culberson (R-TX), a US Attorney in Texas is openly refusing to enforce the border laws because he is only prosecuting cases involving more than 500 pounds of drugs. Anything less than that, Culberson said, "will be home in time for dinner." (April 07, 2007)



The American Civil Liberties Union is arguing in favor of free education for illegal immigrants in Virginia claiming the attorney general's interpretation of the state law is wrong. (March 27, 2008)


Mexican President Flippe CarCalderon in his state of the Union address 2007, said; "We strongly protest the unilateral measures taken by the U.S. Congress and government that have only persecuted and exacerbated the mistreatment of Mexican undocumented workers," he said. "The insensitivity toward those who support the U.S. economy and society has only served as an impetus to reinforce the battle...for their rights. Mexico does not end at the border, wherever there is a Mexican, Mexico is there..."


On Feb 13, 2008 --Mexican President Flippe CarCalderon addresses a joint session of the California Legislature on the economic impact of illegal immigration. Then calling an end to US border enforcement laws, while encouraging California to invest in Mexico. "We need to make migration legal, safe and organized...Our nations will never find prosperity by closing their doors." He said.


Feb 1, 2008 --Mexico demands the United States to stop using tear gas when the border patrol are defending themselves. A young 15 year old girl was struck by a canister in the face while she was throwing rocks at the border patrol agents. Mexico contends the use of tear gas was unacceptable under any circumstances and wrote a letter to the US Embassy demanding a full investigation and punishment of the agents who use tear gas.


Gov. Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, signed a law that will take effect in January. Employers who hire illegal immigrants can lose their business licenses. This has scared a few illegals who are moving back to their own country.


Colorado has adopted several immigration procedures. One gives employers 20 days to check and photocopy documents such as driver's licenses and Social Security cards, which new workers present to prove their legal status. This measure hasn't really deterred hardly any illegals from moving out of the state. A federal judge ruled the measures unconstitutional in July.


May 2006 --President Bush calls for 6,000 National Guard troops to protect the border temporarily. The President also called for a 50 percent increase in the number of Border Patrol agents. Under the Bush plan, agents would increase from it's current number 12,000 to 18,000 in 2008.


Secure America with Verification and Enforcement


Title: To provide immigration reform by securing America's borders, clarifying and enforcing existing laws, and enabling a practical employer verification program.


H.R. 4088 was first introduced last October 2007, and is now in route of making it's way through Congress as of March 11, 2008 (and for future tracking of the Bill's progress click here). The Bill would allow employers at a low cost verify it's workers to see if their are legal or not using the internet. Details of the requirement include:


In the first year, all government agencies would be required to use the verify system who have 250 or more employees.

In the Second year, all private businesses with a 100 or more employees would be required to use the verify system for all new hires.


In the Third year, all businesses with 20 or more employees would be required to use the verify system for all new hires. 


In the Fourth year, all businesses must run all their employees through the verify system.


This bill does have opposition as the Bush administration wants tougher penalties on those companies who hire illegal immigrants. There is always something not complete about these bills that government officials find excuses for in order to hinder progress in securing the US borders.



More Updates to follow on this issue of Illegal Immigration



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