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Levine's Study on Children and Sex


 A number of years ago, it was reported that the American Psychological Association published an article which claimed in some cases adult-child sex wasn't harmful...After intense criticism, the American Psychological Association came out, and denied that their research does support the idea of adult-child sex...

Unlike the denial of the American Psychological Association, a new book openly promotes the idea, it's called, "Not Harmful to Minors: The Perils of Protecting Kids from Sex" written by Judith Levine, a feminist writer...

Miss Levine's book drew sharp criticism, more so than she expected...In a desperate attempt to explain herself in light of the criticism, she states and I quote, "My book is not about intergenerational sex,"  I am not endorsing sex abuse of children. Quite the contrary. It was my hope that the book would allow parents and other adults to talk realistically about issues of kids and sexuality. Instead, there is an effort to suppress the book and stop that conversation."

The criticism didn't stop there, Miss Levine came under fire from another article published last March in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune which quoted her as saying a boy's sexual experience with a Priest conceivably could be good...Again, Ms Levine went on the defense in light of the criticism, claiming she was misunderstood, and said that she didn't believe in priests having sex with boys...But in a telephone interview Ms Levine advocates some research has shown it to be positive in some cases...

So basically Miss Levine is pointing the finger at certain research not herself...She claims to have written this book which favors adult-child sex, in an attempt to get parents talking about sex to their children...Not only that, but Ms Levine claims her book would save lives, because she believes abstinence-only sex education and a reluctance by parents to recognize their children's sexuality leave youths vulnerable to sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS and to sexual abuse.

Nothing could be further from the truth...While it's the duty of Christian parents to teach proper conduct  to their children according to the Scriptures, Ms Levine is clearly using this very research which promotes legitimization of adult-child sex, for profit reasons only, while attempting to teach parents to give credit to their children when they do engage in the sinful act. What she fails to tell people in her book, and I want to make this as clear to you, as I possibly can because it's obvious Ms Levine, has no concern for this issue, and that is, children can still obtain aids, and die, or still can obtain other sexually transmitted diseases using the safe sex method...It's not 100 percent effective.  You could not sell prescription drugs on the market today, with that kind of rate which results in loss of life. This is from a medical standpoint, but from a Biblical standpoint, no child should engage in sexual activity especially with other adults.  If Miss Levine was truly concerned for the children, certainly she would be worried about the weakness of her version of sex education...    

This  book also endorses a 1990 Dutch law which lowered the age of consent to 12...Former Surgeon General of the Clinton administration,  Dr. Joycelyn Elders also endorsed the Dutch law...and is featured in the book.  Joycelyn Elders  appeared on  FOX News Channel’s “Hannity and Colmes” and the “O’Reilly Factor” to discuss the foreword she wrote for Judith Levine’s controversial book and also on the O’Reilly factor...On those two shows, Joycelyn Elders claimed adult touching a child in a sexual way shouldn't be considered pedophilia, in every case.  She told Alan Colmes that children having sexual encounters with adults may not have harmful effects in fact it could have a positive effect she claims.  

Ms Levine wasn't the only one who came under fire for this study, the publishers came under fire as well but this didn't discourage the printing of this particular book...The University of Minnesota Press on April 10, 2002, ordered 10,000 more copies of the book as Miss Levine's book became 26th in amazon.com best seller list...

We live in a day in age where such wickedness occurs and you can't say you seen it all because there is always something even more wicked that tops the list.  We see wicked  people who are trying to legitimize a sin, and trying to make a profit doing it...May we pray for people like Ms Levine and Joycelyn Elders who are  misguided, and ask the Lord to open up their hearts up according to His Will  for true guidance which is the Gospel of Christ...


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