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Christian Parents Come Under Fire For Homeschooling 


The Second District Court of Appeal in California which is one of the most liberal courts in the United States came down hard in it's ruling on parents who home school their children.




March 7, 2008

The liberal Court ruled that home schooling is only legal if the parents have teaching credentials.  Over 160,000 children are now at risk in California of being marked as truants and their parents facing prosecution by the State government. The Court also ruled that the children must be enrolled full-time with an adult which has teaching credentials. This brings those parents who enroll their children part-time in a private school while teaching the rest of the studies at home. 

Since 1953, California's courts have made it clear that a student or students cannot do both, home schooled and attend a private school part-time. Parents who do those things can be charged with a criminal offense.


The Teacher's Union Praises the Court's Ruling


Lloyd Porter who is part of the California Teachers Association board of directors wasted no time in praising the ruling. "We are happy" he said. The reason why liberals would like this ruling so much is because it gains more control on what your child is taught. For example, the government can set the standard for "teaching credentials" it then has the opportunity to education the parents in the way or style they want our children being taught. Eventually, it could be expanded to what's being taught which give special interest groups which are not Christian more power to educate our children and less power to the parents in educating their own children. It's a socialist ideal. Christians must pray for the government. Parents should have a right to teach their kids regardless if it's full-time with them or part-time with the help of private school. 


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