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John Hagee Bows to the Antichrist


Hagee who is the Pastor of the Cornerstone Assembly (Church) with a ministry that is broadcasted on 150 TV Stations and 50 radio stations, wrote a letter saying he was sorry for offending Catholics for the sake of "unity" with his previous remarks about Catholicism. Hagee who is a traditional Pentecostal by doctrine, believes the Jews are not required Holy Scriptures to believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord even though Christ brought the Gospel to the Jews first, then the Greeks (read the True Israel of God).


Controversy peaked over Obama's pastor making outrageous statements about America, and dividing the races, had provoked among liberals to focus more attention with the endorsement of Hagee towards McCain. While discussing the defense of Israel and future as a nation in one of his books  called; "Jerusalem Countdown"  Hagee says that Adolf Hitler's antisemitism came from his Catholic background, and under Pope Pius XII. He also said that Catholics encouraged Nazism instead of denouncing it. He concluded in no uncertain terms that Catholicism is a cult, and the "Great Whore." Now Hagee wasn't referring to Revelation 17, rather he was just defending the nation of Israel in what he viewed as a commandment to do so. His stance on the second coming of Christ would conflict with Rome being the "Great Whore" of Revelation 17.  It's possible that he wrote the apology to Catholics in order to make McCain look better whom in his eyes would defend Israel more than the Democratic party would. Hagee appears to be openly hostile to admitting this fact as the main reason for supporting McCain, as seen with the interview below. Even Glenn Beck who is not known for his religious views, but is more known for his political views, was able to detect the primary reason for Hagee's motive for supporting McCain, and it wasn't abortion...Take a look...




Interesting enough, Hagee also mentions in the apology letter that his goal is to seek a, "greater unity among Catholics and evangelicals." In response to all this, the Catholic league has accepted his apology and are excited by his new direction which is nothing more than bowing to the Pope of Rome with it's errors as claiming to be the leader of Christ's church. Ironically, the Pope recently declared "Protestant Institutions are Not Churches". So don't expect the Pope to recant such a statement like Hagee did nor the Hagee team to demand an apology from the Pope...


For a man (Hagee) who claims "absolute authority of the scripture" he shows no such evidence. The Bible make is clear to be separate; Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (2 Cor. 6:14-18).  If Hagee was seeking real unity for past faults he wouldn't  be combining the light with darkness.  Even though the darkness might appear more friendly to the Jews, it doesn't mean you unite with them. Hagee also has numerous doctrinal errors, for example, he believes in "baptism of the Spirit". In other words, one can be saved and not have the Holy Spirit. Scriptures make it very clear...


But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.

Romans 8:9 KJV


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At the moment of conversion, a believer has the Holy Spirit, there is no second experience to obtain such a miracle from God. Anyway, Hagee's bowing the Antichrist with a goal of unity between Catholicism and Non-Catholics, and with spreading false doctrine of his own needs the Gospel. Hagee also needs prays of Christians to open up his heart to the truths.




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