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A Compassionate Response to the Plight of White South Africans

By Shaun Willcock


In July I received an email from Cindy-Lou Dale, a South African-born journalist now living in Belgium, with whom I have been in correspondence recently. She wrote, “our infamous South African journalist, Jani Allan (now in the USA) and I have joined forces and have started a (free) service of introducing American sponsors to people from southern Africa who wish to seek political asylum in the USA. I am in the process of compiling a website where folk can register and apply for sponsorship in the US and likewise, Americans can register and make themselves and their homes available for sponsorship. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds, as there are numerous legal loop-holes to jump through… as soon as I have all the legal bits in place, I will be going live.”

Well, the website that was created went live on August 4th. The address is: African Crisis Angels. This is not a Christian website, but it shows that the plight of South Africans is now so great that concerned people overseas are willing to do what they can to help. Perhaps there are some Christians, in the USA or Europe, who could prayerfully consider starting something similar? I urge every reader to visit this website. It might prove to be a lifesaver for someone living in this country. A genocide is occurring against the white farmers, with every reason to believe that it could be extended to other whites living here in time, and (as I have often reported) to Christians – but the world has turned away. In other countries, minorities often receive protected status, precisely because they are minorities and therefore at risk. But in South Africa, the white minority has been spurned by the world at large, because the world foolishly blames all whites for apartheid.

The website homepage says: “A bridge to a new life for millions facing genocide in South Africa. Learn how YOU can sponsor a family or individuals who are trying to flee the coming mass genocide; good people, like you, whose lives are being torn apart in the deadly racism which has consumed South Africa.”

Cindy also wrote: “I am desperately trying to find an immigrations attorney to work with me on this. If you know of one please pass my details on.” Perhaps someone out there does?

On August 4th the following press release was sent out, by African Crisis Angels  to the world press and governments:




Since the start of the Iraq war last year, it is estimated that up to 13,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed. In the same period it is claimed that more than 60,000 South Africans have been murdered.  “In the forty-four years of apartheid rule, there was an average of 7,000 murders per year. This covered the turbulent times of conflict, terrorism and riots. Under the new dispensation of ANC government, Interpol statistics indicate the murder rate averages out to 43,000 per year,” says Cindy-Lou Dale in her article entitled “The rape of a nation.”

“The mass murder of farmers has increased dramatically since the end of apartheid. The hate-speech slogan of the Marxist ANC government, “Kill the Farmer! Kill the Boer!” was a terrifying threat. Now it has become a reality as Interpol states that South African farmers have the most dangerous job in the world – the murder rate for this sector is 313 per 100,000 – the highest for any sector globally,” says Dale.

There have been more than 15,000 armed attacks on farmers. These attacks, carried out with military precision by young African male militias, are marked with sadism indicative of dark perversion and systematic terror. There are reports of babies being raped until their entrails are disgorged; of people scalded to death with boiling water; of enforced cannibalism in which victims are made to eat the flesh of their loved ones who are still alive. It is on public record that these murders are justified by some because “the white farmers made a contribution to the economy of apartheid.”

The catalogue of terror and torture grows daily while the world’s mainstream media remains silent. South Africa’s government shows no sign of contradicting Robert Mugabe’s dictum that “All whites out by 2005.”  For this reason, a few concerned people have formed a website entitled AfricanCrisisAngels.com. The idea for AfricanCrisisAngels was championed by legendary U.S. National Talk Show Host, Jeff Rense, who will use the full clout of his program and his millions of listeners to publicize the launch of www.AfricanCrisisAngels.com on Thursday, August 5th. “A world that professes to be moral and compassionate cannot continue to stand by in silence and do nothing about this slaughter,” says Rense.


AfricanCrisisAngels’ mission is to:


. Internationally publicize the plight of the beleaguered white farm community in South Africa who face increasing genocide with every passing month.

. Seek like-minded U.S. citizens who are willing to sponsor white farmers and farm families seeking political asylum in the U.S. and assist them in securing a new life in a country where they will not be judged – and murdered – because of the colour of their skin.

. Facilitate the adoption and fostering of children whose lives have been shattered by the slaughter of their parents.

. Seek the involvement of international Animal Anti-Cruelty agencies to bring to the world’s attention the additional atrocities that are carried out upon animals in South Africa on a daily basis by many of its indigenous peoples.

Says Rense: “The world that so vigilantly witnessed – and cheered – the dismantling of apartheid, which so generously donated funds, that reported with such clarity on those events must again be mobilized. The cries of the dying from South Africa should now be resonating around the world. A world that purports to be concerned with human rights cannot ignore such a heart-breaking call for what is both moral and just.”


As I said, this is not a Christian website. But such is the situation in South Africa now, that concerned people in other countries are willing to do whatever they can, and their objective is highly commendable and deserves support. South Africa’s white population needs all the friends it can get. And let this not be foolishly perceived as some kind of racist remark, for it is not. Millions of black people in South Africa are in desperate need of help as well. Extreme poverty and starvation are increasingly threatening the lives of millions in the southern African region, black and white. But white South Africans (English and Afrikaans) are experiencing the racial hatred of a government bent on turning South Africa into a country with no place for them. And as the farming community is experiencing on a daily basis, this includes standing by and doing nothing while whites are massacred.




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