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Protestants Give Praise to John Paul II


John Paul II, the former religious and political leader of Rome, was glorified and praised by an astounding number of religious leaders and assemblies in Protestant circles who had historical differences in doctrine and in practice...The doctrines of Rome haven't changed but some aspects have, like the practice of mass in other languages besides Latin. But it's meaning remains the same...

Yet, we seen countless Protestant leaders gave praise to the Pope of Rome, John Paul II...


Richard Land, president of the 'Southern Baptists' Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, said; "The disagreements of the people...who are Protestants have with the John Paul II are things that in addition to the foundations of faith.  He certainly considered a spokesman for the Christian faith that has tremendous impact among all branches of Christendom both for the stanch defense of traditional Christian faith and his strong defense of political and religious freedom."


Adding to the foundation of faith alone saves, and then adding certain works invented by Romanism allows a person into Heaven, is still considered a great spokesman for the Christian faith?  Is he endorsing two salvations rather than the classic one way to heaven?  Indeed he is!  The Scriptures make it so clear, faith alone which is a gift from God, is what saves a person (Eph. 2,8,9), and the good fruits that proceed from it, are from that God-given faith...


We live in a day in age when opposing abortion or standing up against gay marriage or the gay community in general is more important than salvation!  It seems the likes of James Dobson, is only worry are the attacks on the family as he praises the Pope too...and I quote..."Today's passing of Pope John Paul II is an immeasurable loss not only to our friends of the Roman Catholic faith but to the entire world.  We found common cause with him and with the culture of life he espoused..."


The common cause in which James Dobson is referring to is what they call; "Family traditional values"...In his mind, that is all you need to be saved...Never mind trying to earn your salvation or salvation is solely a unearned gift, as long as you have family values and believe there is a God of the Scriptures, your saved according to the Gospel of James Dobson.


Many others like Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, a well known Baptist, and more in Pentecostal circles give their praise to the Pope as leader in the faith, and they know full well there are major doctrinal differences them and the Pope including salvation by works. 


Who is this man who claims to sit on the throne of Peter...?  Every Pope through the ages claims to be the vicar of Christ, the one who replaces Christ on earth...Pope Boniface VIII stated in no uncertain terms..."To be the subject of the Roman Pontiff is to every human creature necessary for salvation.  I have the authority of the King of Kings.  I am all in all and above all, so that God himself and I the vicar of God have one consistory and I am able to do all that God can do." 


"Holy Father" a term used a lot today for the pope, it's a title we see in the Bible that only refers to God.  John Paul II, accepted all the titles and so-called power and beliefs that went with being Pope and Roman Catholic in general...Here are more examples, John Paul II believed. Firstly, regeneration is by water baptism. Secondly, salvation is of works given to the member by the 'church'.  Thirdly, that Mary should be worshipped and prayed to as co-redemptrix. And lastly, the repeat dying of Christ on the Cross for the sins of the world through the mass.   


None of those doctrines are Biblical listed above, which means these doctrines lead a person to hell not to heaven...Although any death is sad, but still, to praise the Pope who was leading over 1.1 billion people to hell is a very serious matter...You may say, well I don't believe in those doctrines, but in God's eyes to say the man was a spokesman for Christianity is saying you are endorsing those ideals and promoting them too...


It's nice and biblical to be respectful of someone who is not save, who passed away, but it's quite another to promote him as a Christian and a great spokesman for the Christian faith...It's misleading, and it creates a stumbling block for others...Instead of witnessing to the lost as true Protestants would have done, they give praise to their former leader, John Paul II...


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