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Many Christian articles on a wide range of topics.


Preaching and Teaching the Word of God.   Also real life stories about witnessing and other related topics.

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Local and Worldwide news events religious or otherwise which are impacting the church.

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A resource guide of links with descriptions of content from various websites for Christians and Non-Christians alike.   


Letters on a wide range of subject matter that do not pertain directly to this website.  All those other letters that do pertain to this site are kept personal and are not posted unless under special circumstances.

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A collection of links in this site that are listed by topic rather than from new to old.  News Items are not featured in the topical listing.

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Divided into different areas of interest to make it even easier to locate any Christian article, or message, or politically incorrect news items throughout the site. More titles and areas of interest will be added soon.

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The Tomb of Jesus



The Patience of God


The Faithfulness Of God



The Spirit Transforming



The Justice Or Righteousness Of God



Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God






The Sermon That Cost A Preacher His Head



Turn or Burn






The Holy Spirit a Comforter



Christian Living


Faith: As Evidences by the Fall of Jericho



The Christian's Assurance



The Lord's Prayer



The Church in the Home



The Head Covering



Baptismal Regeneration



A Warning Against Antinomianism






A Call To Separation



What is Holiness?



Family Worship



Christian Couples and Contraception



Pride and Its Cure



Living Sacrificially for the Sake of the Great Commission



A Discourse On Prayer



News Articles

ACLU Sues School to Ban Bibles



Rome Still Claims to be the One True Church



The Immigration War Against America 



The Waco Massacre Revisited



The Criminal Activity Facing the Church in South Africa 



Protestants Give Praise to John Paul II



Terrorism and Islamic Doctrine



Rwandan Genocide: Two Nuns Found Guilty



Afghanistan's New Constitution Hinders Freedom of Religion



Muslim Hypocrisy and Arrogance



Levine's Study on Children and Sex



Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant Northern Ireland




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