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The Donald Trump Victory

November 2016

Despite major opposition from the left, Donald Trump wins the election, what does this mean for Christians?


Islamic Threats Against Rome in the Light of Bible Prophecy

April 2015

Recent events are pointing more and more to Revelation 18:8, this discusses the implications of the ISIS threat toward Rome.


Persecution Increasing in South Africa 

January 2015

Once the ANC took power in South Africa, it was just a matter of time before it undertook various legal methods of persecuting professing Christians.  Indeed, it lost no time in making its intentions clear.   In recent years the pressure has increased, and this article will cover some of the latest incidents. 


Evidence For Noah's Flood Presented


Displaying various types of geological evidence which a world wide flood described in the Bible left behind, confirming God's Word.


Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement


An overall Scripture analysis of  doctrines contained in this particular religion.


John Hagee Bows to the Antichrist


A Pentecostal preacher who is now seeking unity with the Vatican


The True Meaning of Easter and The Passover


Discussing the various traditions of Easter, and following the real time frame of the Lord's death and Resurrection.


Mormon Girls At My Door


Based on a true story about a first encounter of witnessing the Gospel to those who are witnessing in another religion. Also a follow-up on the girls progress.


The Lord's Prayer

A study on Mathew 6:10, "Thy kingdom come" by Arthur Pink


How to Trust God’s Promises for Our Assurance and Perseverance


A wonderful outline and description of many Scriptures pertaining to this wonderful and precious doctrine


The UFO Movement


First part of a three part series:

 Unraveling the history and some of the common mysteries surrounding UFOs in light of Scripture.



Yes! That man, dressed in white, who looks so serene, who calls himself the "Holy Father", who addresses vast crowds from a balcony in the Vatican, whose followers number over a billion of the world's inhabitants — that man is the Antichrist!


The History and Practices of Christmas


A very detailed study on aspects of the origins of X-mas. A look at how Christians of the past viewed this holiday, the various customs that come with the holiday and where they came from, and so on.


The Holy Spirit a Comforter


A sermon by Spurgeon which gives Christians hope when under distress of every day life.



The Predicament of Evolution


Written in 1925, to show that science during that time supported "creationism" and not "Evolutionism."


The Jesuits Elect a New General


Back in January 2008, the Jesuits elected their new Superior General (Black Pope) after Peter-Hans Kolvenbach who lead the Jesuits for 25 years resigned. A look at the new Jesuit General.


The Secret Army of the Papacy


A detailed introduction on this religious organization.


Illegal Immigration Updates


News bits on the continuing war of illegal immigration in the United States.


Jacob Zuma Could be
South Africa’s Next President!


A preview of what the church might have to face if the Lord puts this man in the position of being the next SA President.


Baptismal Regeneration


A sermon by Spurgeon showing this doctrine is not in agreement with the Bible.


The Life of John Gill


Most known for his exposition on the entire Bible similar to that of Mathew Henry, this is a story about most of his life and his accomplishments.



A sermon by John Gill


The Tomb of Jesus

A sermon by Spurgeon


The Betrayal


A sermon by Spurgeon about the betrayal of Judas.


Christian Couples and Conception


A much needed two part series that deals with a very sensitive subject.


A Biography of Shaun Willcock


A story about a minister of the Gospel from South Africa in his own words. A good read for those who want to know more about the author who has various articles posted in this site.


Terrorism & Islamic Doctrine: Six Years Later


(A sequel to a previous news item article posted online back in 2001 but was updated in 2002, called; "Terrorism and Islamic Doctrine")


The Scientific Case Against Evolution


Belief in evolution is a remarkable phenomenon. It is a belief passionately defended by the scientific establishment, despite the lack of any observable scientific evidence for macroevolution


The Anglican Institution Continues to Unravel –
and Rome Benefits


News about the Lambeth Conference where two issues dominated the discussions, gay marriage, and ordination into the Anglican priesthood.


The Christian's Assurance

A Bible Study on Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."


The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Thirteen years ago 150 countries ratified this treaty, today 193 countries have. This treaty poses a threat towards Christians all over the world as it overrides their authority over their children.


A Brief History of the Jesuits


The Jesuits history is not well-known by the mainstream. This article gives in-depth background on this religious order.


ACLU Sues School to Ban Bibles


A few parents complain about free Bibles being handed out at a public school.


The Immigration War Against America


A detailed look at the driving forces behind  massive illegal immigration such as the Vatican, Communism, Elected Officials and the progress being made or lack thereof concerning this vital issue.


Rome Still Claims to be the One True Church

Written By Shaun Willcock


Alberto Rivera: More Insight on This Man's Life


A false brother in the faith, who has deceived many with his comic books and ministry.


Radical Feminism

Women Enslaving Themselves In the Name of Liberation. Describes the history of the movement, it's impact on men and women as well as children. Also the article describes the role and behavior for the two genders from a biblical point of view.


THE BIBLE: The Word of God

Proves the Scriptures are the complete word of God without error, and  a foundation that is not depending upon the sinful nature of man, but the sinless perfection of God in providence.


Love to the Brethren:  A letter by John Newton

Writer and preacher, most known for writing "Amazing Grace." This is a rare published letter on the net but more common in books. A very good read.


Southern Baptist Student Creates Media Frenzy


Radical Environmentalism captures a Southern Baptist student's imagination, produces a document that gets alot of media attention. A brief look at Global warming and Global cooling in God's creation.


The King James Version Defended, by Edward F. Hills


One of the best books written on the subject of God's Word being preserved (not inspired like the originals) in the KJV. It refutes the notion the true copies are not just ideas as modern critics since 1881 have claimed. 




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